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  • El Guapo V3 owners- what chainset are you running?
  • Premier Icon xherbivorex

    as title really; i’m still undecided about what to spec on my upcoming EG build and was wondering if there’s a general consensus as to what works best?
    I’m looking at (i think) an SLX 2×10 i reckon (36/24 front with medium cage shadow+ mech, and an XT 11-34 cassette) but considering 1×10. I have SLX brakes already with the i-spec clamps so i think i’d rather stick to shimano shifters too (despite previously only ever using sram gears).
    if i do go with 2×10, what front mech would i need?

    but yeah, any input/experiences would be good.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    I’ve got 165 mm saint cranks with a 1×9.
    Had an old triple ring to start with. But even with 170 lyrics I suffered from pedal strikes.
    However I use it for uplift days and my ht for all others.
    As for the front mech, you’ll need top pull and the mech has to be the conventional type (I think). The same type as slx m661 on merlin.


    Also with triple maybe maybe double. Some iscg mounts don’t fit. Though if you’re going x10 setup. I think a clutch mech would helo without a chain device

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    i’m definitely not going triple. it’s getting an x-fusion slant 160 fork and i did actually consider 165mm cranks, but i’m probably sticking with 170mm as brant’s told me that the size small frames they’ve got at the moment should be okay. i’m not bothering with a guide at first, and seeing how well the clutch mech works i think.


    I’m running 1×10 on my V3 CCDB Air
    Tried 2×9 but no chain guide would fit.
    Would not go back now simple, effective and don’t need anymore gears

    SLX CRANKS 175MM (Would like shorter as still some pedal strikes)
    E13 Race ring 32T
    ZEE Rear Clutch mech and ZEE Shifter
    11-36 SLX Casette
    MRP AMG Guide


    as above 😀


    Premier Icon abeach

    I’ve got the Stock X9 transmission on my V3 EG CCDB.

    175mm cranks
    Double 39/26 with 11-36 ten speed cassette. I find it perfect, good top end speed but you can still climb some steep shizzle.

    It came with the Truvative X-guide chain device which hasn’t missed a beat.

    All this bollocks about pedal strikes makes me laugh a bit. You’ll soon find out that the sag setting is pretty critical in getting the ride height correct. I didn’t realise when I first got the bike and was twatting everything in sight. Look at Ed Oxley’s video and follow the advice. Plus if you change your rider weight i.e. if you are doing an all day epic and are carrying a heavy pack, check your sag, you’ll prob need more air.

    If you get the sag right and adapt your riding style a bit you’ll not catch anything much.


    I got a 175 triple on mine but I think 170 double would be best! I know faulty V3s were clearly going to have strike issues but I don’t feel like the a normal V3 should have any problems.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    cheers chaps.
    i spoke to ed about the pedal strikes thing just before the video came out and he said he was baffled by all the talk of it as he’s not had issues.
    so i wasn’t overly concerned, and picked up a 2nd hand pair of 175mm XT crank arms for mega cheap (not specifically because they were 175mm, but because they were mega cheap!).

    i’ll be going with a 32T front single chainring, and 11-36 cassette. and the money saved from not having to buy a front mech/shifter will be spent on going for an XT rear mech, and some daft anodised bits (stem top cap, rear skewer, seat clamp, lock on clamps etc)…

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