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  • Effective use of potatoes
  • avdave2

    When I race 12hr TTs I take liquidised porridge,

    That’s what I have everyday for breakfast though with added seeds, ginger, coffee, cocoa powder, raisins, spinach and kale

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    Spinnach and kale? In Porridge?


    Nothing wrong with savoury porridge, I have kippers on mine for a special treat, although avdave2 does appear to have quote an adventurous flavour combination going on, surprised he forget the coconut butter to make his porridge completely bulletproof.

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    I pride myself on being to empathize and see others perspectives and theologies, even on the politics thread. But you’re wrong.

    Even the coffee porridge sounds nice, might try that tomorrow, but kippers and kale? I like kippers, and I like kale, and I like spinnach, but in porridge? Is it not like trying to eat the base of a fish pie with lumpy oaty bits in it first thing in the morning?

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    Careful @maccruiskeen, big-Solanum will be after you now that you’ve got them rumbled. They can track your brain waves via satelite and the smash aliens will be out to abduct you and show you the error of your ways by force feeding you mash on a TT bike till you fart.


    surprised he forget the coconut butter to make his porridge completely bulletproof.

    Damn!!! didn’t think of that.

    Full list of ingredients:

    Oats – 100g
    Spinach – 60g
    Kale – 40g
    Ginger – 15g
    Coffee – 3g
    Cacoa Powder – 5g
    Sunflower Seeds – 12g
    Pumpkin Seeds – 6g
    Hemp Seeds – 6g
    Lindseed – 6g
    Sesame Seeds – 6g
    Chia Seeds – 7g
    Wheat Bran – 10g
    Raisins – 25g

    Water 600ml

    I’ve got a full nutritional spreadsheet for it too.:-)

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    I’m with Ton on this one. I have an important notice on my frame to keep reminding me to stop and fuel up with my performance-enhancing pastry products.

    Given this new information, a meat and potato pie is now basically an energy gel, right? 😀

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    Here’s another non-technical article about it, basically, just eating candy is the simplest thing:

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    I find a bag of jelly babies from Tesco* does the job, at the rate of 3 bags per 200km. A Snickers bar for a rest stop if I need it.

    If I’m travelling at a rate where I can’t chew them I know it’s too fast and I’ll burn out, but I’m not a finely honed athlete like many on here.

    If that can get a somewhat decrepit fossil around that distance in Wester Ross on a singlespeed, it’s got to have some merits for ordinary mortals. 🙂

    The days gets finished with a plate of boiled baby potatoes slathered in butter and green pesto and I’m good to do the same the next day.



    *Tesco, because other brands are too delicious and rate of consumption is higher.

    Just joined this topic because of an interesting title. So, now, I know much more about potatoes…

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    Just remembered that thread where I calculated the carbon footprint of cycling was actually (a surprisingly high) 1/2 that of driving if fueled by potatoes!

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    Smash is ace for thickening sauces and gravy, btw. Really nice savoury flavour.

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