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  • EEK! Who's riding home tonight then?
  • 5lab

    only 2 miles home, uphill the whole way. Will be reet (not started raining here yet)


    Yes I would never sit smugly through the day comforted by the belief in a tailwind home. I find always best to prepare mentally for the worst then I’m seldom disappointed. Would be soul destroying to expect a tailwind home then get the usual cross winds that come after a headwind in.


    I’m in Eccles and I’m riding to Marple. Work finishes in 55 minutes. There’s still time for it to blow over….

    Lovely ride in this morning, 12 off road miles in 55 mins.

    Gonna pay on the way home tho.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    I can confirm that the sky has indeed gone out here in Knottingley.

    Gale force wind and torrential rain. Now where did I put my brolly. Oh yes. I left in the car. Well that’s just peachy.

    Premier Icon Clink

    Like a washing machine this morning; hoping for a bit of wind-assist on return trip.


    12 of us out for a night ride in E Sussex tonight!!! Rain makes the Harveys by a log fire afterwards all the sweeter!!!


    Just started hailing here in Notts


    The rain at work is dancing a good foot of the tank park, horizontal with the wind and rather dark.
    Love it 😆


    not today, on the train as I am full of man flu, no its proper flu, really.


    I am riding home, mighty rain has now stoppped but very dark and grim looking, got lights and waterproof gear, and want to go home, i’d best crack on!


    I’m guessing it’s a westerly as it’s lovely in Hyde, the evening sunlight is casting a beautiful golden glow over everything

    I got absolutely soaked in Manchester. But its stopped now and is nice and clearish with a beautiful sunset in stockport now 🙂

    Premier Icon binners

    Wow! Actually its now clearing, the wind has completely dropped and the sky is amazing colours. Hey ho!

    Walking home here just outside Southampton. The rain’s stopped for now but if the BBC rainfall radar is to be believed the worst is yet to come.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Stopped raining here in Yorkshire but it is still darker than a Conservative’s soul out there…

    Premier Icon sprocker

    In Notts downwind on the way in right ….tard on the way home now with rain and no waterproof. Quite good fun in a sadistic way

    Stoped and might be clearing here too, lots of water on the ground though.


    He did email me for a lift…..just sayin’….. 😆


    Looks like the pac-a-mac is going to get shredded this evening.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    nbt you can go off people…
    the light rain has started here in hors ham should be chucking it down (according to BBC rain index) just as I leave for my 15 mile schlep home

    Its howling a gale and the rains coming in sideways! 😯
    The balloons gone up and mrs toppers is diverting to pick me up. 😀
    Not possible very often so its a nice treat. Although I suspect i’m going to get soaked loading the bike into the car!!

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    MTFU boys and girls your skin’s waterproof!


    That was a bit of an epic! 26.4 miles of horizontal rain. Key 103 news reader lady said there was a tornado in Stockport. I didn’t think it was that bad. Never mind, strike day tomorrow.

    Premier Icon TomB

    I am, but not far. Please take care, a cyclist was killed on the A590 in south cumbria this morning (no other details known).

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    It was torrential in Nottingham when I started getting ready to leave the office, and everyone laughed at me.

    By the time I got out the door it had stopped, and it was a dry ride home. Came in the door feeling very smug and chipper….

    …to be confronted by a pile of steaming coats and shoes in the hallway – apparently the walk home from school co-incided with the downpour 😆

    Premier Icon easygirl

    Rode in this morning, was getting ready to come home when got a phone call from my wife
    “don’t even think of riding your bike in this”
    Suitably told off got a lift in our van
    Felt a bit of a cheat, but it was very gusty

    Premier Icon Mal-ec

    Proper teeth gritter with a head/side wind in + side/head wind home.
    The magic of Pembrokeshire 360 headwinds. Winter ITA.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    18 miles home and no rain! Even had a tailwind 😀
    A lot of standing water though and a monster hail shower 5 minutes after I got home 😛


    Windy in this morning – but not too much rain on the way home – just a side-wind and I may have belted past the cute girl from the end of the office – what was I thinking!


    I had to ride into work up on the pedals the entire way. Sweating like a pig once I got there.

    Coming home tonight, WEEEEEEE!!! Matching cars on the flat. Legs were going quite fast though on a 75 inch gear.


    I got damp on the way in, damp and windblown on the way home.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Well, the tailwind I thought I would have got, turned into a headwind.

    Still better than driving though.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I cycled in this afternoon, pretty rough. Prior to, had lunch in a caf near my house that was subsequently hit by a tornado, in South Manchester!

    Part of a chimney fell on a woman but she doesn’t appear to be seriously injured.


    Bugger of a wind riding to work (newcastle from coast)
    then tail wind woosh on way home.


    Nice and dry on the way to work
    nice and dry on the way home
    Very lucky
    First time i have rode to work since September as I crashed off my bike and suffered a plateu tibia fracture and 2 pieces of metal to hold my bone back together.


    Day off work today so went out for a 4 hour ride/fight with the wind- South Pennines- ok until it started raining and hailing as well. Totally drenched & frozen to the bone but still nice to be out riding instead of working.

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