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  • Eeepc question and best ubuntu to install ?
  • Hairychested

    I had a regular Ubuntu on a laptop once and it was fine. Easy to do and use on the most basic level.

    Premier Icon dawson

    i put hardy heron onto an old IBM R40 quite easily. It was my first attempt at a Linux install and i got it to work.

    the install seemed to ‘black screen’ a few times, so i just restarted the computer, formatted the HDD and started again – got it working at 3rd or 4th attempt.

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Make sure you definitely burn the cd as an iso image. Ubuntu is great, although getting some wireless cards to work can be a pain.

    That’s all I know about it. The forums are ace though, loads of help out there.


    There is a specific ubuntu distro for the eee. Download and install it on usb stick, boot from it and then you can have a go before you actually install for real so can’t mess anything up.

    It’s straightforward and there is plenty of help here


    Hi ive been messing about with my eeepc and want to install ubuntu, which one do i go for and which is the best site to get it ?
    I cant decide between the Xubuntu and straight ubuntu, Im not a linux person but dont mind having a go and learning plus im not worried since everything is backed up onto my desktop machine so if i balls it up no worries !


    plus any tips greatly appreciated !

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Cruncheee (CrunchBang or #! linux for eee) gets pretty good reviews. It’s Ubuntu based, but optimised for eee.


    Premier Icon nickjb

    I tried Xubuntu on my netbook (AA1) and had a real problem with some of the windows not fitting on screen and not being able to move them to see the bottom. There was support for wifi etc, though.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    I’m using 8.10 on my 900 customised with the elmurato Eeeasy Scripts, have a read of this for how to install

    eeeuser forum link

    In summary you install a custom kernel (link supplied in the above post) which has the relevant drivers, then use the elmurato script to finish the customisation, power save scripts, hotkeys etc..

    Premier Icon Bez

    Standard Ubuntu and the EeePC kernel. Intrepid on a 901 here, love it. Be sure to partition your drive wisely if you have an SSD version, I found out the hard way that the package manger doesn’t like finding the disk full mid-install.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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