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  • edl
  • Premier Icon llama
    Full Member

    It’s been a while

    A mixed grill
    Red wine
    John Grant

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
    Full Member

    Crisps for now – salmon & veg in oven

    Rudgate Ruby Mild

    Fleet Foxes

    Premier Icon theboatman
    Free Member

    A vegan kebab from donnasummer.

    A pint of something cloudy and strong, not the best thing ever tbh.

    Lots of people talking and background tunes.

    Premier Icon dknwhy
    Full Member

    Chilli and nachos


    Designated Survivor on Netflix

    Premier Icon Drac
    Full Member

    Fish and chips


    The work radio going booodeeep!

    Premier Icon centralscrutinizer
    Free Member

    E. Will be potato chips soon.
    D. McEwan’s Champion.
    L. On disc 1 of Frank Zappa Halloween 73.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes
    Free Member

    Porotas granados


    Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

    Premier Icon binners
    Full Member

    E – a whole world of cheese and meats
    D – Nelson Mandela
    L – watching Autumnwatch

    Premier Icon tewit
    Free Member

    The kids Halloween party buffet

    Cheap Aldi lager

    Iggy Pop on 6 music.

    Premier Icon trail_rat
    Free Member

    Home made pizza

    Punk IPA

    Autumn watch

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Coffee – got a late night Dad’s Taxi job later
    Gogglebox in the background

    Premier Icon PiknMix
    Free Member


    Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

    90’s compilation

    Premier Icon donks
    Free Member

    Abelour whisky
    L’Epee (french band I think) but almost definitely something to do with the Brian Jones town Masacre.

    Premier Icon Tracey
    Full Member

    Sausage casserole and Yorkshire puddings

    Local Welsh gin and tonic

    The wind blowing across the dunes and buffeting the camper

    Premier Icon tlr
    Full Member

    Chicken and chorizo stew with sweet potato mash and spinach.

    News’s Pinot Grigio

    The sound of gunfire (Call of Duty).

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
    Free Member



    Tropical **** Storm

    Oh Sees

    Premier Icon Markie
    Full Member

    Godiva chocolate domes.
    Elderflower presse.
    Rendezvous in Outer Space by LSG.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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