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  • Premier Icon llama
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    LCD Soundsystem

    Premier Icon chewkw
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    E: Smoked lamb, chips and mushy peas.
    D: Rubicon Sparkling Mango Juice then Famous Grouse.
    L: Whatever is on telly.


    Premier Icon bikebouy
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    E ‚Äď a god awful Chinese takeaway thing from Waitrose. Think of fatty cardboard and peppers, with small bullets of grit in an insipid black bean sauce.
    D ‚Äď proper beer from the flower pots, Goodens Gold (take out from last night)
    L ‚Äď watching actually, Europa Report.. which reminds me this was rather wooden the first time around.

    Premier Icon beej
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    E: Sea Bass, saute pots, salad
    D: Renegade (‚Äúcraft‚ÄĚ offshoot of West Berks Brewery) Pilot Range Eazy Peeler
    L: GF has decided to start rewatching Trailer Park Boys. So mainly me screaming with despair.

    Premier Icon retro83
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    E: some crappy ready meal
    D: dalmore
    L: tdf highlights

    Premier Icon Klunk
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    E: Jalfrazi
    D: red plonk
    L: my own poor twiddling fingers playing along to various jam tracks.

    Premier Icon mickyfinn
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    E: Just got back from the local curry emporium (Lamb Naga)
    D: was Kingfisher. Now Highland Park
    L ((W) The final Ripper Street followed by today’s TDF highlights (No Spoilers please)

    Premier Icon jambourgie
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    STEAK (on its own, blue)
    Red Wine (bottle a night doncha know)
    (W)Limitless on the screen.

    Premier Icon matt10214
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    E: Home made prawn stir fry
    D: White wine
    L: Planes landing at the local airport!

    Premier Icon llama
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    Gone onto whisky and led zep now

    Premier Icon mattbee
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    E-Scallops & belly pork
    D-Type 42
    L-Kate Rusby

    Premier Icon Mister-P
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    E ‚Äď Danish blue on crackers
    D ‚Äď Life & Death IPA
    L ‚Äď Olly Murs concert happening over the road. Going to drown it out with some DnB I think.

    Premier Icon PeterPoddy
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    System of a Down (See my other thread‚Ķ! ūüėČ )

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
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    E: steak, spuds & salad
    D: Jim Barry Shiraz
    L: Ezra Furman

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer
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    Premier Icon 69er_Gav
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    E Salmon with veg etc
    D Montepulciano d’abruzzo, Masciarelli
    L Jason Isbell ‚Äď Nashville Sound

    Premier Icon SaxonRider
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    E: Moussaka
    D: Some lovely red
    L: Mel Waldron

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    Norfolk quail, scotch egg, charred sweetcorn, shallots and corn velouté
    Dry aged Welsh rib of beef, pomme fondant, runner beans, mustard and red wine jus
    Raspberry sorbet, pistachio cream and biscotti
    (Been out for Mrs Dubs birthday)
    D: a rather fine but reasonably priced Rioja
    L: conversation with old friends

    Premier Icon colournoise
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    Oat and raisin cookies.
    Lavazza decaf espresso.
    BBC breakfast news.

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