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    Had quite a few little chortles watching it. Good work and a fine bit of entertainment 🙂



    not enough high5’s / pyjamas / bromance for me……..


    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    Don’t remove the beard…head removal fine but not the beard.

    Premier Icon S_J

    I’ve gone cross eyed trying to keep count of the Singletrack niche’s in that film. Beards, wood chopping and hip flasks are all present and correct though. I was just waiting for him to drive off into the sunset in a Skoda Octavia estate at the end..


    I liked it
    I like old bikes, and doing them up
    not sure on the candles and stuff, but each to their own, but didnt realise the valley there was so lush, it made me want to pop down and do some riding there.

    quirky vid but good, still that beard lol, I couldnt live with one that big and bushy.

    Interesting video. Thought it was really good. Kinda funny cause I love those didgeridoos.


    A bit like a sandwich made from stale bread, but with a really nice filling.

    This is meant to be a mountain bike riding video right?

    A couple of minutes of great riding in the middle. Hardcore hardtail on slippy UK trails in autumn, being ridden really well. Nice (as the jazz club bloke would say on the Fast Show).

    What purpose does all the shit at the start and end serve? I appreciate mr oxley is taking the piss, that’s great and all, but I prefer watching him ride a bike.

    I would much prefer twice as much riding and no slobber.


    Amazed that some people had such a negative reaction to the film – I loved it. Had a bit of everything in it for me: a bit of riding, a bit of bike maintenance, a randomly Wiccan-inspired musical interlude and, above all, a big chunk of Hebden Bridge hippiness crossed with a bite-size lump of the League of Gentlemen. Eccentric little films like this SHOULD be on the tellie to liven up the fare we are often served these days. Love to see whether there will be an even more sinister sequel…


    It was good to see Beardy Ed on a hardtail for a change, I actually thought he was on a full sus to begin with. Thought the riding was good, especially over the the slippery rocks/leaves etc. Wish I could ride like that.

    The ending was nuts of course, but made a change to closeups of dew drops and all that crap! 🙂


    Yep, should be on the telly. It would be excellent, cause a stir, and just be great to watch.


    For a mountain biking site I reckon we could edit out all the shite at the start and end and be left with a geezer who is obviously a bit useful on a bike riding my favourite kind of bike on trails that I would ‘recgonise’ without being able ride them anywhere near as well.

    It’s like watching the Ashes. I don’t need all the ‘Alastair Cook trying to look like Ricky Hatton pre-bout’ crap. Just show the cricket for god’s sake!


    Well it get a bit strange, but i enjoyed it. A normal (ish) chap, on normal trails on a normal bike.

    Good to see the old 456 getting an outing, too!


    A proper mountain bike film..

    My 21 month old son truly believes that Ed Oxley is Santa..

    ‘Fa’ah Mismuss, Fa’ah Mismuss’ he squealed with delight as we settled down to watch… ”biiiiike, biiiiiiiike.. Fa’ah Mismuss Biiike Daddy’

    he didn’t like the ending very much though


Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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