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  • julianwilson

    The old single pivot 26″ heckler was indeed £900 with the less posh shock just 2 years ago, iirc the upgrade to rp23 was £70 so think of it as £970 if you want to make a better comparison. Although tbf, heckler, bullit and SL had all dropped in price a little when they started making more pivotey ones, and when they stopped making them in america so it had previously been a bit more expensive.

    Otherwise, i think most reviewers will offer a company not to publish a bad review, and then just write something good about someone elses bike that actually is good. Perhaps Ed Oxley has been on and/or been offered a load of crap bikes and just elected not to tell us about them.


    Almost same setup as my “mini” Heckler

    Same forks+wheels (although mine are a little older), 32th nw. Good choices Mr Oxley 8) – even got the same tyres as that now!
    Would like to try that as a comparison.

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    There doesn’t have to be any conspiracy for the contradiction between liking the codeine and then not liking 29ers, sometimes people just change their minds, no idea why it’s the cue for an attack.

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    I was riding with Ed on his new heckler just the other week. He certainly seemed to be loving it! His Codine seemed nice as well to be fair. We get loads of free kit doing what we do, Ed is cooler than me so gets more. You can tell the stuff we like because we use it. We both spend way more time in riding kit than in normal clothes and on our bikes than on any other form of seating! Trust me when I tell you that life is way too short to suffer rubbish kit! Ask other people in “the business” or who get stuff like that, I’m sure they will tell you the same! I’ve turned down stuff I didn’t fancy before, even when it was a free bike. I once said no to Osprey because I wasn’t sure about their packs, they sent me one anyway and now I wouldn’t use anything else! Ed could get a free bike from loads of companies, perhaps the biggest review is that he has gone for the Heckler at all! I’ve also been on the other side, reviewing bikes, and it’s very hard to write a bad review of someone’s bike or kit. I have a few sitting on my hard drive unpublished. That kit just goes back or goes in the bin!

    I’m not jealous at all of your jobs………merrr 😛


    Has he ever given any bike a bad review.
    Has he ever slated a bike as rubbish and said your money would be better spent on y instead of x.

    If not, you can draw your own conclusions,

    Maybe he is just easily pleased.


    you can like two different bikes for different traits. No?

    More importantly superfi sort the grouting out. Unacceptable.

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    Calling it grouting is unacceptable.


    I shall fall onto my ritual sword bregante-san


    People ask me how I can be independent when I review a bike that I’ve been given. Well I can’t claim to be can I? However I’m not going to say that I like something if I don’t, in fact you won’t see me riding something that I don’t like. Basically I don’t do anything that I don’t like doing if I can at all help it! You will just have to decide if you believe me or not. Chin up!

    Is there a secret message in this statement as none of the photos show Mr Oxley actually riding the bike 🙂 I bet that extra 12mm of wheel makes all the difference.


    He wasn’t paid to like on-ones

    Bet he didn’t ‘pay’ for them either.

    I’d like them as well if I didn’t have to stump up the cash.

    Shall I send you my address Brant?



    Does anybody make ‘Bad bikes’ nowadays / are we just a tough crowd?
    </jumpers for goal posts>

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    I’d venture my arm that once you exclude supermarket specials/BSO’s/whatever then you have a messy pile along the lines of how much did you pay as a function of what you could afford and what your expectations were multiplied by how much fun you had on it.

    I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t automatically have more fun on a £6000 bike than on one of my bikes – all of which feature second hand parts somewhere. There’s bound to be people that can get the last ounce of perfomance out of such a machine, but I couldn’t. The sheer price would possibly even intimidate me.

    That said, If I blew that £6000 on a bike expecting it to be totally epic and found that my five year old Zesty was as much fun, then I might feel a bit cheated. Likewise, if something broke in reasonable use and I got bounced for warranty or any other support I’d be a bit peeved. I’d be more inclined to overlook any failings of say, a couple of hundred quid’s worth of lowend Spesh with an XC30 or whatever as it’s not a fair comparison to anything I have, although I would probably not buy such a bike new.

    I’m not sure there is such a thing as a bad bike once you’re at a proper bike shop, just over hyped expectations and bad experiences.

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