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    They are shit, sadly. One of mine punctured by itself, unridden. Returned on warranty. Asked Merlin if I could have another one, they said they’d stopped stocking them due to all the warranty claims.

    The other one lasted a little longer, 3 or 4 rides, before it flatted. To be fair, it was being downhill raced, I reckon a standard tube might possibly have flatted. But certainly it was no more durable than a normal tube.

    I don’t think it was repairable- the hole was large and ragged, it seemed to tear as it punctured. It’d need a bloomin big patch

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Anyone won the lottery and bought some?
    How’s the puncture resistance and how do you repair them.


    I have a set in my 29er with Kojacks run at 80psi, iv rode a fair bit of CYB, farm tracks, fire road & Llandegla, on them and had no punctures, done around 1000 miles now and no issues, very impressed

    Also have the eclipse specific repair kit which is unused

    Reviews do appear hit and miss so either eclipse have upped their game or I just got lucky

    Ya pays yer money ya takes yer chance


    80 psi!! Not surprised you don’t get punctures!


    I’ve got a set in a DH bike which I put in about 6 months ago, and they’re still fine. As above, it definitely seems to be hit and miss with them.
    Everyone I’ve heard of who’s had them fail has been able to get a refund or replacement under warranty though.

    It’s a shame, as the idea’s really good, and if they can pull it off consistently then they’ll be brilliant- just needs some QC issues addressing first.

    Not Eclipse, but I have Foss tubes in my DH bike. 4 months on (with a week in the Alps) and no problems. I even put 2 decent dings in the rear rim with no pinch-flats.
    Repairs are with Foss patches… no glue or faff. Peel the backing off, apply.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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