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  • Ebayists – have you ever used ebuygumm?
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    As title – I’d like to try another way to sell (non-bike) things apart from ebay (mostly due to high costs, and somewhat due to seller-unfriendly policies) – has anyone tried ebuygumm?

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    Never heard of it, which I guess is telling.. with eBay you are paying for the exposure (for sellers) and variety (for buyers).

    If you want to get the eBay costs down, just list on their regular £1 max listing weekends (like this weekend) so you’re only paying £1 + PP fees (4% I think).

    Other than that, Gumtree and FB Marketplace are the obvious free options (each with their own foibles).

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    I use facebook marketplace these days. Often get a local’ish buyer who comes to collect. Saves loads of bother and the ebay fees.

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