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  • allthepies

    I’ve got some Trailfinders travel vouchers I want to sell and am thinking of putting them on eBay. To see what %age of the face value they typically go for I watched an auction selling the same type of vouchers.

    The final price of the auction matched exactly (when postage included) the face value of the vouchers. Now this seems very odd and sets alarm bells ringing.

    Either someone is happy to exchange cash for vouchers to the same value (and risk going through Ebay to do that rather than just buy them off Trailfinders)
    Or is this a scam by the buyer ? Receive the vouchers, claim they never received them or that they had expired etc., reclaim the cash from eBay while keeping the vouchers ?

    If I did sell mine then I’d only offer Special Delivery, signed for yadda yadda postage but wondering if I’d still be exposed to some scam trick.

    Anyone had an experience or tales re: selling voucher on the bay ? (these are physical vouchers not voucher codes).

    Oh, here’s the “odd” auction I watched end for the face value.


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