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  • Ebay scam?
  • Premier Icon tomhoward

    Sounds scam-a-rific! Ask paypal best course of action?


    I suppose you could post neutral feedback stating that you’ve been forced to and haven’t had the good yet??


    Nigerian Prince? eBay feedback has bugger-all to do with PayPal, but leaving feedback could screw up any claim you need to make through eBay.

    I’d be heading to the Resolution Centre about now

    Sounds fishy, but they could have got confused, “pending” does crop up alot,

    eg: seller not verified (which makes sense if its a new account) or echeque,

    contact paypal.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    run a mile.


    That’s utter rubbish, categorically don’t leave feedback until the item is in your hand and your happy with it.

    It’s his problem as he’s a new seller and they don’t release funds in higher risk categories untill he can prove it’s delivered or you leave feedback.


    Premier Icon DezB

    Ebay feedback will release Paypal payment? Yeah, good one!

    the hustler

    ebay and paypal are completely seperate no way this can be legit

    Premier Icon GreenK

    Paypal was bought by eBay in 2002. Not sure if it still is owned by them or not but there is a relationship.

    This has happened to me as a seller. I had to ship the goods. The money sat with PayPal until the buyer received the goods and left feedback and an apparently random period of time had elapsed. I then got my money.

    This is what should happen here. The seller should ship and you should leave feedback. They will then get paid.

    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    I have also had this both as seller and buyer


    The seller should ship and you should leave feedback. They will then get paid.

    That’s assuming the dodgy ‘sellers’ don’t turn into dogy ‘buyers’ and never leave feedback yet strangely get the goods and a refund?


    Auction won.

    Paid via pay pal.

    Receive message from seller saying they haven’t received the payment.

    Re-iterate that payment has been sent and can be seen in Pay Pal. Seller will have to take it up with Pay Pal if they can’t get it.

    Seller comes back and says payment is “pending” with Pay Pal since they are using a new Pay Pal account, payment will only be released once feedback is received, seller says they won’t ship until they have the money so can I leave feedback to trigger payment and they will ship.

    Am I right to smell a rat?

    I assume the scam is that once the seller has got my feedback and money they will fail to send the goods (if they even exist). Then when I raise a dispute to get a refund they will point to the feedback and say it was all OK and I’m now lying.


    This is happening to me at the moment. I set up a new eBay and PayPal account, and because i have 0 feedback and history. Ebay/paypal has put a hold on the payment until either Feedback, or a tracking number is provided.
    This is slightly annoying, as i sold about 15 things, and it is all on hold.

    Its slightly strange that somebody is asking for feedback before, they obviously can’t read the clear instructions on the site!


    Give neg feedback stating the hassle it’s causing you 😉



    This is not legit!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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