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  • Ebay question item not as described!! (rant)
  • (RANT:)i bought a set of wheels of a guy who i live close enough for me to go and collect them. i asked to collect them “yeah no probs come over saturday” go to get them “ah sorry forgot you was coming i have gone away for a while ill post them” im think all righ ok then i just want my wheels!! mail a few days later “yeah ill send them but is £18!!!” by now i just want my wheels! (they where only £26 in the 1s place)ok sent them. i ge them today and the f**king cassete body is all over the fu*king place!!

    i have emailed him leting him know im upset!! what are my other options?? (/RANT:)


    Pics? Link to auction?

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    how did you pay?

    paypal dispute its probably best.

    or a visit and a chat?


    payed via paypal also had a reply to my email

    “the wheels work perfectly fine and im not an expert and they were well worth what you paid for them, im sorry your upset but i dont take returns as stated in the listing if they did not funtion in any way i would have said so.”

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    I’m not surprised, thought I’d bought a bike at Xmas, Kona Coiler, in the end the guy didn’t want to let it go at the price the auction ended at, no reserve.
    live and learn!

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    if you’ve paid via paypal dispute it through them – they give you your money back at the drop of a hat.

    hmm might have to do this dispute thing then!!



    I’m sorry to hear of your problem.

    Good luck with the Paypal dispute process. My experience is that they don’t give a flying fxxk!

    If you have the bloke’s address and he isn’t too far away, take them back and demand a cash refund on the spot.

    Cheeky toerag fecker!

    Ebay dispute resolution is equally useless. I wouldn’t waste your time with their dispute console. It’s so crass and the generic responses are irritating beyond belief! If only eBay had the balls to deliver real customer support by putting a call centre number, or a company address on their website!

    Paying customers deserve better protection considering the amount they charge for transactions!

    done a dispute!!!

    thanks for the advice!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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