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  • thered

    IME eBay WILL side with you, they always fall on the side of the seller.
    Email the seller, explain, if they don’t play ball, raise an issue through ebay, you will get sorted



    Just wondering what the law is on this if anyone knows ?

    Bought some lights off ebay, listing says item must be inspected before signing for. No probs thought i, just check it when i pick it up from the post office (not in so card usually left)

    Except the postie left it with a neigbour who didn’t know (fair enough) and just signed for them.

    I’ve opened the box and found one of the lights is smashed.

    Can the seller ( a big company ) enfore this must be inspected rule ? Is it even law or just made up ?


    Technically speaking you haven’t signed for them so you my be OK. Ebay almost always favour the buyer so, as thered says, if you don’t get anywhere raise a complaint via Ebay/Paypal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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