Ebay – how to stop being ripped off

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  • Ebay – how to stop being ripped off
  • Hi

    I dont use ebay much as my recent post about being hacked demonstrated

    I have some stuff to sell
    Its some old toys which have minority interest but one of them seems to fetch about 200 quid

    I was planning to open it to europe, the US and australia to maximise my profit
    Like I said its really rare collector stuff I have chanced upon whilst moving house

    If I use Paypal, send insured and get proof of postage am I still open to the usual not received Paypal scam?
    Or do I need a signature on delivery too and if so can I get this service from the Post office?

    And have I missed anything else?

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    If it’s genuinely collectible, add Japan and Hong Kong to the list…

    Airsure is your friend if it weighs less than 2kg, else I’d fedex it.

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    Use Special Delivery or better, you want tracking during transit and also sig on delivery. Recorded doesn’t have full tracking. Ensure packing/protection is up to scratch (maybe take a photo) and you should be able to claim back from the post office if it gets lost.

    Check up on International, there are different levels of service to different countrys.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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