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  • Ebay hifi time waster – I am quite bit peed off!
  • Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Sounds like it’s her inputs or cables.

    Can’t you continue conversations and get her to test her equipment? If she agrees her gear is broken get her to refund the costs involved?

    Or just sign her up for Amstrad-lovers “Hi-Fi” mailing lists. [is such a things exists]? 😉

    It hasn’t actually cost me money, she paid for the return and didn’t ask for the cost to be covered by me, which did make me think she just changed her mind when I wouldn’t pay for a new digital interconnect for her.


    Leave it be andshow us some pics of the rega cd player 🙂

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Meh, just flog it again then. Or does it sound better than you remember?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Try to consider that you’ve got off lightly in dealing with an idiot.

    Could have gone worse in many ways.

    It sounds very similar to the DAC Magic I replaced it with, when I started digitizing my CD’s.

    Although I must admit did enjoy opening the top door and putting a disc in, a lot more satisfying that Media Monkey!

    A bit like playing vinyl after using CD’s for years!

    A couple of weeks ago I posted something about an Ebay buyer messing about and saying a digital output wasn’t working on a Rega Apollo I had sold her.

    Anyway, she then said that both digital outputs had stopped working, so she returned the unit and I gave her a full refund.

    I’ve just back home from a couple of weeks working away and tested the deck on my DAC. Surprise surprise, it is working perfectly!

    Shall I drive to Wales with some Bombers?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Re-list and move on.

    Annoying yes but with ebay you have to expect the odd idiot every so often…


    Hello there. Are you putting the player back up for sale? If so, how much would you be asking a what colour is it?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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