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  • The thing the seller did wrong was mix up the items.

    The way I see it you ended up with a full refund and a item (if its any use to you I dont know)

    Seeing as the seller contacted both the other buyer and ebay theres not much more he could have done.

    Id probably say positive or if its a really hard to get item Neutral.


    Recently bought something (rare item) on ebay, the seller sent the wrong item out, claiming that they had mixed up the items they recently sold, but i could keep the item (sold at about 15% of the price i paid) and get a full refund. I asked them to contact the buyer who was mixed up with me, so we could each get our items. The buyer had also bid on the item i bought. I Was told that they were not respondiig. I asked seller to contact ebay to resolve it. Eventually i got refunded and kept the (wrong) item.

    Cutting to the chase, what feedback should i have left?

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    To be fair to the seller, it does sound like they cocked up in the first place, but have sorted it as far as they can.

    If someone (i.e. this other person) received an item that they had only paid 15% of its value for (and sounds like they might have wanted, given they bid on it), I can imagine they might become un-contactable – just the way some folk are. That’s not really the sellers fault.

    Should the seller have got ebay involved? What feedback would you expect to see on that sale?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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