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  • P-Jay

    What is it with eBay these days (these days in this case being any time in the last, oh at least 5 years).

    Selling Wife’s old iPhone, as usual with these sorts of things, you know what it will sell for, bids in the last few moments, sells for +/- £5 of all the other similar phones sell for.

    The buyer is in Spain, I had no idea what the eBay Global Seller Programme was, but apparently listings are available globally, I was given a UK address to post it to, which I did and can prove it arrived.

    The buyer, also says he didn’t know eBay were handling the shipping, he’s pissed because he paid €15 for ‘next day’ delivery, which is a bit of a cheek given I always say 3 days for dispatch. Frankly I don’t know if it’s Google translate (we’re both using it) but he seems like more than a bit of a dick.

    Anyway, long story, shortish, he’s opened a PP dispute and wants a full refund, eBay tracking just shows it’s at their depot, but they’ve given it 2 different tracking numbers. fun times. I’m currently out £150 and based on bitter experience of eBay and PP I’m going to be the one left no-phone, no-money.

    It was only sent 6 days ago, and arrived with eBay on the 11th. Still missing.


    Well why did you use Ebay? Everyone knows the repeated problems with the drongos on there. Steer clear and save yourself a load of heartache and cash.


    I just paid £5.99 extra to get a present delivered in 24 hours. It was a day late so he was on the plane by then. Supposedly delivered a week later by royal mail, but he hasnt seen it yet
    And I just sold a bike frame, but the guy(with zero feedback) msgs after the auction ends-can you deliver to Bangladesh?


    Next time sell your phone to CEX (they give about the same as ebay prices in credit).

    The ebay GSP is interesting.

    If you posted your item to their UK address and you have proof of delivery you are OK.

    The problem with GSP items is if the buyer claims the item is “not as described”. Then you are liable to pay the postage for them to return it…..

    Sounds like your buyer has claimed non delivery, so when the case times out to be referred to an ebay human, thye will see that its on the way (or likely delivered by then) and they will close the case in your favour.

    If you look at the T&Cs for GSP, they fall in the sellers favour except for “not as described”. Even if they leave you negative feedback for slow delivery, ebay will remove it for you.

    Just cross your fingers the buyer doesn’t open a “not as described” case.


    I’ve recently sold 6 camera lenses and a camera kit. Apart from a slight hiccough with the first buyer (which got sorted out later the same day) it all went swimmingly, much to my surprise.
    I suspect that the people I was dealing with were not the sort that are attracted to things like iphones and therefore less likely to be scamming scumbags.
    Hope you get the phone sorted OP.


    ‘Spoke’ to eBay, as someone said seems they’re libel for lost items once they arrive at their place and they’ll remove any negative scores (providing they actually moan about delivery times, if they just give some generic bs I have to wear it.

    Annoyed I seem to have defaulted to being part of the GSP and more annoyed that according to the buyers own screen shot, it’s not even over-due yet, it’s just the automated write-up in the description (it gets dragged in from the auction details) states next-day.

    good luck

    moral is – never sell phones on ebay

    The problem with GSP items is if the buyer claims the item is “not as described”. Then you are liable to pay the postage for them to return it


    I’ll probably steer clear of it in future.

    Premier Icon Rich_s

    I recently sold a sewing machine on behalf of my mum – that has been a right trial! Lots of questions, really niggly little ones too. 1st time bought by someone in the UK who’d asked questions about it then immediately cancelled.
    2nd time around it’s been bought by someone in Spain and I’ve sent it by GSP. I reckon it’d have been quicker to walk there and hand deliver it.
    I didn’t know about the possibility of paying for return postage either… hmmmm.
    Also just flogged a few model cars that have gone to USA and France via GSP. Getting worried now!


    My experience with GSP is positive, of the 400 items I’ve sold in the last three months I’ve had plenty through GSP.

    Twice I had issues, the first was with a fuel tank which isn’t covered under GSP. The item was listed under fuel tanks and as such eBay refunded the buyer, binned the tank and let me keep my payment.

    The second time was with a “missing” parcel, eBay had proof of signature and told the buyer to go swivel. This tends to be the case as eBay charge huge shipping fees on the buyer side to allow things like proof of post etc…

    Once in the hands of the GSP warehouse, as long as it’s packaged appropriately eBay carry the liability and should communicate with the buyer should an issue be raised.


    He’s been back onto me moaning I should have sent it directly to him 1st class. 🙄

    I don’t know if it’s google translate, but the more I read his messages the more they sound like my teenager, mad at me because I can’t change the world to suit him personally, retrospectively.

    I’ve wished him well with his refund from eBay / PayPal and mentioned I’m not liable, just in case he thinks I’m baiting him.

    As I type this another message has come through.

    I’m now as close to praying as I will allow myself it never turns up, because even though it’s a used phone with a clear description and lots of photos… he’s bound to find fault.

    I’d better placate him, he kicked off earlier because I took an hour to respond, I was busy being ‘just talked to’ by a junkie in Newport about a laptop I was carrying at the time and having too much fun to look at my phone.


    Gracias , un saludo

    Seems positive, I shan’t translate unless it’s some Spanish version of GFY.

    Bet the prick ‘negs’ me for this.


    Hmmmm – wonders what mobile phone bigyinn uses…

    The gripe I have with eBay currently is that I deliberately remove the offer feature from my listings, and then ebay adds it back to ‘help’ me sell the item. So now one item in particular is not selling as everyone assumes I’m happy to take an offer, rather than just getting on and buying it. I’ve already taken 10% off when it relisted so I don’t want to give more off…no one in their right mind is going to buy it at full price when there is a bloody offer button right there!

    When it auto-relisted I was unable to edit practically anything on the listing, and now its got live offers/pending counter offers I cannot do anything 🙁 Suspect I will I have to start again, and delete the whole listing 🙁

    Premier Icon DezB

    Couple of things to remember for hassle free selling with ebay –
    1. Never list using an app, always a browser. Lots of things are hidden away when listing with the app. It’s useless.
    2. Always set buyer requirements to be UK based – you get a bunch of tick boxes to remove any non-uk based buyers from bidding
    3. Only use ebay for electronics if all other avenues of selling have failed. Ebay is rife with scammers looking to con you out of your tech.

    Without these 3 things, it’s do-able of course, but a minefield.

    Hope your Spaniard is now happy P-Jay 😀

    (hmm, that’s a few rather than a couple, but oh well)

    Premier Icon bigdean

    Yep, sold something recently collection only as it weighs about 30kg.
    Buyer can’t pick up but arranging collection. Stay in all day for no collection, now buyer wants me to hang on or arrange postage.


    Yep, sold something recently collection only as it weighs about 30kg.
    Buyer can’t pick up but arranging collection.

    You need to be very specific in your adverts. I always put in bold capitals, “Buyer must collect personally, no couriers and no postage and time of pickup to be arranged within an hour slot on agreed day and time”

    And for selling via post I just use UK only, and Buy it now with immediate payment.

    I don’t get any problems so must be working.


    Fun times, whilst the tracking into shows he hasn’t actually got it yet, he’s switched his PP case to ‘not as described’ no explanation why, but of course if I merely give him £55 back we’ll say no more.

    Well, he can stick that square up his arse.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    As you know ‘not as described’ means he doesn’t have to pay return postage.

    As he’s not received it yet I would get on the phone straight away to eBay so they can see what he’s doing before he receives it so you don’t get an automatic charge for his return postage when he does receive it. good luck.


    As he’s not received it yet I would get on the phone straight away to eBay so they can see what he’s doing before he receives it so you don’t get an automatic charge for his return postage when he does receive it. good luck.

    Seems he has got it, but the tracking info doesn’t agree.


    Now i’ve found the tab for the notes (which I’ve translated into English via google).

    1) it took too long to arrive.
    2) it didn’t come with a box
    3) it’s locked to vodafone.

    I’m kinda glad of all that, because there was a tiny scratch on the screen apparently, I didn’t see it, but my Wife said it’s there.


    1) not my fault, I sent it as listed within 24 hours.
    2) wasn’t listed has having one, nor shown in pics etc
    3) was listed as “iPhone 7 yadda yadda yadda (Vodafone).

    I don’t think he’s got a leg to stand on, but you know PP/eBay often hand down refunds for little or no reason.




    Hmmmm – wonders what mobile phone bigyinn uses…

    Not sure what the relevance of the model my mobile phone is, but its currently a Moto G5 Plus. Why do you ask?

    yep global seller program is great, ensure you have tracking to the UK warehouse and its all good,
    i usually add 12 pictures and underate items so never had a problem with not as described..

    been using ebay for years, yes numptys exist but facebook and other options are equally bad.
    i tend to trade phones at Game, they have unpublished rates, but from trading 2 or 3 iphones and ipads in the last 4-5 years they have paid above CEX cash rates

    ps. always get a picture of you IMEI number and ebay message them a picture of it, before sending. to ensure they dont return a broken phone (Different IMEI)..


    When advertising stuff I generally include a picture of the item’s serial number in the listing, then theres NO doubt about the items unique identity.

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