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  • TandemJeremy

    Teh only decent place I have found



    2nd the grog and gruel( upstairs is a little quieter)


    not late. no food after about 9-9:30 ime.


    Fort William is a bit of a gourmet desert. The fish place on the water is nice but perhaps above your budget. Grog and Gruel as above but when I have been with a group have almost always ended up upstairs at the Ossian I think it’s called as they always have tables which I know is not a good sign. Ordinary, but so are the prices. The place in the Alexander Hotel is OK too.


    Oh yes the fishy place is realy nice. Teh Crannog?


    Would your train tickets let you get off the train at Corour, have dinner and then get the last train to Ft William? Good food in a very special location.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Not a massive choice in Fort William, I wasn’t even that impressed by the curry house the last time I was there and I really like curry!

    Got a pretty decent steak in the Alexandra Hotel though


    yeah TJ, the Crannog is really good actually.



    3rd for the Grog and Gruel, the bar has decent ales also.

    Premier Icon momo

    Avoid the curry house, was awful last time I was there.


    Crannog can be a bit hit and miss. The Lime Tree is good.


    Italian next to the car par just up the hill from the high street is nice, not sure if they’re open late though.

    Premier Icon ART

    Seeing as you are taking your Mums then why not treat them and go here (at the end of the main drag by the roundabout on the road heading south) has the appearance of being fancy but actually very laid back and the food is good. 🙂

    Teh only decent place I have found

    Could’t remember the name, but that’s it. Nicely “lived in” atmosphere, decent scoff and central location


    “Fort William is a bit of a gourmet desert.”

    Obviously never been to The Limetree or the Crannog then. Surprisingly good.

    Mind you, I can’t think of anything between them and pub grub.

    Seeking the knowledge of the STW fellowship:
    We’re being tourists for a change and we’re taking the train from Glasgow to Fort William. Any recommendations for places to eat tonight? Nothing fancy, just somewhere pleasant for the tandemwarriors to take their mums for food tonight.
    Thanks, Rob & Sandy (and mums!)

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    I’ve found the restaurant at the Alexandra Hotel good and the Chinese restaurant at the other end of the high street is pretty good too. I will have to bear the Grog and Gruel in mind next time I’m up there, I don’t think I’ve been there before.

    Premier Icon fatmax

    G&G for good pub grub and decent ales. I always end up back there if up with the lads or with work. Crannog does sound worth a try though…


    There’s a new (Ish) curry house on the high st it opened in sept 2010 and I went there after a day on the world champs mtb runs…

    If you walk up the main st (from the train station) it’s on the left about 1/3 of the way up.

    We were really impressed by the quality of the food.

    I still have the number on my phone it’s : 01397 701367



    I think everyone is just saying grog and gruel because of the beer haha but to be hounest i would end up in there as well, some cracking nights in there esp over the world cup weekend

    could try the pub just down the main drag and accross from the grog and gruel, Ive ate there once and was good nice big deck out the back as well, think its called the nevis or ben nevis


    folk still eat at ossians- that place should be bust by now.

    put it this way – world cup weekend everywhere is rammed and you want quick food thats just above mcdonalds – youll find no queue for a table at ossians …..

    grog and gruel – but its always busy (a good thing)

    ben nevis – upstairs does nice food – venison was lovely last time i was there – downstairs smells of toilet !


    + 1 for that Italian near the car park …


    Gutted to hear the negative curry comments. I went there for the first time at the end of last summer and have been looking forward to going back (2/3 of the way up the main street away from station on the right).

    Blimey, thanks everyone. Looks like the g&g is favourite, and its only a short walk from our b&b.
    And if you haven’t done it, the railway journey is absolutely stunning! The weather helped, a mix of sun and moody skies, but crossing Rannoch Moor on the train is beautiful and barren. No wonder it was voted the worlds most picturesque railway journey.
    Thanks again, better go and feed the mums!


    but crossing Rannoch Moor on the train is beautiful and barren

    You’re lucky you’ve never crossed it when my friends and I make our yearly climbing/hiking trip. 😆

    I don’t know how it started, but we always go for a little dip in one of the bog pools near Ba Bridge. It certainly makes the walk/jog back to the King’s House pass a bit quicker!!!

    There was a group of old buggers from Louisiana watching us do it 2 years ago. they thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen (you need to understand how desolate Rannoch Moor is to be able to appreciate how odd it would be to see a load of grown men sitting in a bog like it is a jacuzzi!). They wouldn’t let us buy a drink in the King’s House all night. One of the lads was 79, and he told us if we went back the next day to let him know because he would join us!!!!

    I hope i’m like that if I ever make it to his age 🙂


    The itallian and grog and gruel mentioned above were both acceptable but not great


    Crannog is good, used to be owned by friends of the faily when we lived up there. Originally had restaurants around Scotland, but fell on hard times.
    The restaurant up the Glen is really nice as well, can’t remember the name of it, that was managed by a mate’s dad.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    cant bekieve that no ones mentioned the Morrisons yet.. breakfast lunch and tea.. healthy food is overated and swamped by all you can eat for 10 shillings..

    Orange Crush

    A bit far out but the Inchree bunkhouse has cracking food in the bar next door. Closed Wednesday nights though as I found when taking the GF there.

    Back home now, thanks again to everyone for your input, much appreciated and very entertaining as always!
    We went to the grog & gruel on the first night, and we went back the second night, the mums liked it so much.
    Good atmosphere, friendly service, very reasonable prices and most importantly damn nice food. The vension burger is huge and delicious, and the bread & butter pudding is FANTASTIC!!
    And try the Glencoe oat stout, lovely pint.


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