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    Print both your boarding pass and receipt for your bike. Weigh your bike bag packed, heavy stuff in your hand luggage. Remove rear mech, discs, q/r’s, loads of pipe lagging, spacers in calipers, pipe lagging behind brake levers, spacers between forks and rear dropouts, use wheelbags, use/take loads of cable ties/masking tape….

    All of which is useless if you have one of these, lovely bike crate but essential for soft bag users.

    I assume the “roll of clingfilm, flatten the handlebars and push it on” team will be along soon.


    Neil Pride type bike bag, pipe lagging, bubble wrap, that’s it oh, I did unbolt the mech and taped it to the frame (cable still attached). I didn’t remove the discs as the bag comes with seperate wheel bags, that go inside the main bag. That’s it really. Not had a problem.


    rickmeister – whats so special about the bike crate things you linked to? Doesnt show much detail on the website. Do they have some internal bits inside the box to prevent it squashing and reducing the chance of the bike being crushed?


    -Do as much as you possibly can to wedge the frame; axle replacements using bits of timber
    -Wedge pipe lagging between rotor and wheel and pack the rotors facing in. Or better: remove them
    -Remove the rear mech
    -Ether put the bike in upside down, or put a plastic thing under your big ring
    -Wedge the brakepads with cardboard

    Mrs Flamejob and her bike returning from Valencia


    Hi all,

    First trip to the alps is booked, flights booked and sports equipment option paid for….so….please give me your best advice on taking bikes with easyjet.

    Really don’t want to get stung for extra charges and getting a little nervous having read another post on here.

    This trip is a wedding present to us from family and want it to be as smooth as possible?!



    Premier Icon rickmeister

    The bike crate is made from a plastic material that is very light and has some structural ridgidity. The bike just goes in, no padding rqrd, along with the wheels. All held with velcro straps. Bike bags are usually too big for the bike, but this box is just right. Would be my choice for the next way of flying with my bike. Friend used on on a trip, I was well impressed. Also fold completely flat for storage.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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