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  • Nonsense

    I have the silver version. Its brilliant. Light, stiff, well made and looks great.


    Hi bud I’ve got 2 of them a 70mm and 85mm love them nice finish, never noticed any flex. Other than that they do what it says on the tin.


    Got a haven stem, haven bars combo on my c456. Very stiff quite light.
    Also have the standard haven stem/havoc bar combo on my spicy which is also very stiff.

    No complaints about either…

    Was looking at Haven bars to match, but looking for something wider than my 680’ish EA70 Monkey Bars – Havens are only 711, so doubt I’d notice much difference

    Got a 55mm stem on my zesty and did have the haven bars to match but changed to havoc bars to go to 750mm great bars and stem!!! Go short on the stem, improved my bike hugely!!!


    Great stem. Best part is the way you tighten the top 2 bolts first fully then torque the bottom 2 so it makes for a more even stress load on the bars.

    Already on a 50mm direct mount with my E150 forks, so will deffo be going 55mm and no bigger

    They’re great, pretty light and very stiff, I’ve got three!

    May sell my black 55mm haven stem and havoc 750mm bars if your interested?

    Cheers chrisdiesel, but think I’m going for the mag with black faceplate as shown.


    Running haven stem and haven carbon bar combo, love it. I was surprised how much difference 711 was to 680, clipped a few trees at first.

    Anyone use one of these rather nice looking pieces of kit and have any opinions of it?

    Was thinking of using with these…

    Which were initially going to be used with the matching stem, but I can’t seem to find any stock…


    I use the Haven Mag stem / black faceplate and the matching Haven Mag bar. Look really cool together but also reasonably light and stiff. The DMR bar won’t match. Finish on the Havens is superb. Its not a particularly wide bar at 711mm, but wide enough for me compared to the 680’s I had before. I tried a 780 bar on another bike but finished up chopping to 730. Some like wide, some don’t.


    Chris I’m interested in your havoc bars if you did want to sell.

    Premier Icon stevio

    stem and carbon bars here too – better than the 685’s i had on , though i’ve clipped trees at Cannock and the Singletrack weekender last year 🙁

    Premier Icon rickon

    Ho Chris,

    I’d be interested in the stem too if you sell, email in my profile


    Premier Icon mboy

    Got a Haven Bar/Stem combo here too. The stem is like a Thomson, only IMO better looking, and it’s lighter. The bars are the famous Easton shape, great quality, light for what they are etc. Just wish they did an ultra low rise version too, and slightly wider than 711mm.


    I had the 55mm version. Lovely stem, and very light but not very stiff imo. I went back to my Thomson X4 which is quite a bit heavier but noticeably stiffer.

    Black Haven 55mm stem with Havoc carbon bars on my new bike. Look and feel nice

    i had the 70mm easton haven stem with the 750 carbon havoc on kermit the nicolai.

    now went daft with a 50mm havoc 35 dia. with 800mm havoc carbon bars. only 19g heavier !

    Hob Nob

    I had the 55mm version. Lovely stem, and very light but not very stiff imo.

    Agreed, it’s light for an ‘AM’ stem but that does result in some flex. I swapped mine as I race a fair bit of DH on my little bike & it was a bit too disconcerting on the faster, rough stuff.


    55mm one here with 750mm Havoc carbon bars really nice for trail riding .

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