Easter weekend not riding thread

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  • Easter weekend not riding thread
  • Houns

    What are you all up to?

    Me? Working all through it (nice private woodland full of bluebells so don’t feel sorry for me) having finished for the day I’m currently sat in the garden drinking many bottles of cider house special. Thanks to work I’ve missed out on family trip to Blenheim Palace, I bet it’s heaving there!

    I *may* go for a bimble after work tomorrow


    Laying in bed with sore knees.
    Next door neighbours are having the most middle-class BBQ in history by the sounds of it.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    3rd day in work..Friday and Saturday were quite nice but I’m close to loosing my sense of humour today…

    off monday/Tuesday so got that to look forward to!!

    Premier Icon doomanic

    DIY. It’s traditional innit.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Been in the garden all morning. Relaxing but will probably ride local latter on.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    sorting the back garden out which has (and is still) including

    power washing the decking & Patio, sealing the decking, sanding and sealing the patio,
    Getting the outdoor furniture out & oiling it, getting the BBQ out and cleaning it, sorting the shed out and building this Ratton furniture stuff she has bought.

    oh and mowing the lawn

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    I did get a ride in yesterday though 🙂


    Relaxing at our caravan. Did a training ride Thursday, but last 3 days have been bumbling about with family on bikes. Went out for 9 miles with my 73 year old dad today for bacon butty and tea by the coast (North Wales). All slow paced.

    Got a BMC fourstroke 29er for my wife from a mate for a good price, so shes been getting used to it from a hybrid.

    My son has been robbing it mainly. Came with an unused reverb, all SLX and XT, is XS in size so just fits my wife. Like new condition.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Newcastle yesterday for food for my eldest 16th luckily she has good taste so it was sushi from an independent restaurant. Sat in the sun the sun with my girls in the best city in the UK chilling out. Then back to catch the end of the local cricket match. This am we’ve just been in the cricket nets for a bit practice, heading out soon for a few beers.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m planning my First Proper Ride in a long time for tomorrow- 2 injuries on top of each other means I’ve not been able to do it properly since November, though I’ve done a bunch of short local rides. And my legs are going to die so today I’m just chilling.

    Going to build a wheel in the sun next for the dh bike

    Premier Icon Caher

    Did a charity 75míle yesterday so a bit sore.

    Been taking it easy today so far due to lurgy, but getting very tempted to go for a gentle spin in the sunshine on the road bike.

    The alternative is to switch the Wazoo back to a 1x 34T chainring and then switch tyres to either 2.35/4.0″ or 28mm.


    most middle-class BBQ in history

    What constitutes a middle class bar-b could it be like the one I went to once that was a friend of mrsws, there was no **** cobs, just some **** pittas, I need bread and I need it now!


    As for the weekend, I did manage to ride yesterday thankfully. We’re now all going to walk in to town to our lovely little local cinema which thankfully sells cold beer and watch captain marvel. Not ideal some would say with the weather like this but we’ve been spanking the outdoors since Thursday lunchtime so it will be a nice reprieve out of the sun.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I went to once that was a friend of mrsws, there was no **** cobs, just some **** pittas, I need bread and I need it now!

    Oh, the humanity!

    As long as they hadn’t run out of organic hummus and guacamole, you should be fine.


    Western Highlands, wish we did have our bikes.


    built a new Asgard 6 bike security shed on friday, with the help of my son. it is like fort knox for bikes.
    yesterday i made a water butt into a very hefty bike anchor, by filling with 200kgs of concrete and 100kgs of hardcore, with a ground anchor submerged in it, to secure bikes to.

    as a treat, we cycled into town earlier for a feast of chilli chicken udon, and prawn dumplings.

    now chilling watching movies.

    a good weekend, and i also now feel well after 2 weeks of illness.


    We are staying in a holiday home near Ingleton. We had a great walk yesterday and the footpaths were mostly empty. My wife wanted to walk the Ingleton Falls trail today. I have never seen a trail so busy.

    Working 12Hrs shifts yesterday and today, yesterday was quiet all day until 45 mins before the end of shift when it got VERY busy, not ideal.  Today had been busy but has now quietened down, hopefully tmrw I can ride to work over the South Downs.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    Friday a load of us went to the Black Mountains Cycle Centre (considering it is only 5 miles away we should go more often really!). Spent the day progressing my jumping culminating in happily clearing the 14 foot (paced out) gap jump at the bottom. Yesterday and today i’ve been busy welding girders and erecting them into the front end of my new workshop. Hot and sweaty work. Tomorrow a load of us are planning a mega tour of the Black Mountains taking in as many of the tops as we can. Reckon on 45 miles and 2500 m of climbing. Water may become an issue!


    No corn on the cobs.

    I’m outraged on your behalf wrightyson.

    No riding here due to being stuck on a tin can in the north sea.

    Lots of gym work. 3 sessions a day…..

    Can you tell we busy .

    Premier Icon Drac

    Can I just say cherry cider is awesome.

    Not riding now. Have ridden to the pub. Will ride back again after the next pint in time for a roast dinner.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Three Munro’s done, some garden digging, canoeing and catching up with old friends.
    Plus a busted bike.
    So no riding.



    hit counter for website in asp net
    Canoe down the Otter, this was half way down, plus a couple of hours strimming a paddock.

    Premier Icon jimplops

    Saturday Sunday nights here, so slept through most of it.


    Friday to Belton House with friends and did the Cadburys Easter egg hunt with the kids and monumental amounts of playing in the adventure playground.

    Saturday a bit of this and that, but just relaxing at home mainly. Did some gardening and cut the grass.

    Had the in-laws round for lunch today and spent the day messing around in the garden.

    Tomorrow got a road ride planned with a suitably positioned coffee stop, followed by swimming lesson in the afternoon with my daughter.

    Also been trying to get a new NAS drive set-up at home; never had one before so it’s a bit of a learning curve

    I’ve got some rigid forks to fit to my Inbred, but the weather is too nice for fiddling with those. Might get round to it tomorrow afternoon but probably won’t.


    Working right through from last Friday until Thursday ..when myself and the missus are off at the same time and plan on having a birthday drinky ..( I’m also off on Friday which is just as well as I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinking these days ..


    Working straight through , no bank hols off time for us, one of our busiest times of the year ! .. gutted as loads are out riding and im stuck in my truck at work !

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Took the boy and his pals to Laggan today. Only had space for 3 bikes though so I did a 10k trail run instead.
    An early morning blast from Glenmore is on the cards for tomorrow.


    Working (NHS) Orthopaedics. 😢 Currently on shift 4 of 8. Roll on Friday morning then I’m on Annual leave for 12 days. No doubt the weather will be gash when I’m off.


    Sold my bike last week and haven’t sorted a replacement yet. List of DIY long as my arm as well.


    Another DIY list here, wife doesn’t believe me when I say it stands for Don’t Involve Yourself 🤔

    Premier Icon gallowayboy

    Last week saw us in Mallorca, no bikes, most of the week was overcast, Friday and Saturday cool with a strong (gusting 50mph) wind!
    Nice though…

    Back Yesterday to cloudless skys, back at work today keeping the punters happy at my bit of National Trust Countryside – so cleaning bogs and flogging Easter Eggs….Might get out on the bike tomorrow!

    Long and hilly commute to work via the South Downs Way today, lovely but jeez was it hot!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Not a bad day for a paddle.


    Rode the MTB on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday so no riding on Sunday and Monday (wife time) but i have picked up a once used Evoc bike travel bag for £200 today. So for me at least a great weekend riding or not

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Friday – went to the football and had a couple of beers

    Saturday – mates came to stay, we went to PWEI in Brum

    Sunday – both families to the VW show down the road, saw a great soul band and drank all day in the sun

    Today – recovering, walking dog, snooker, couple of beers and catch up with line of duty.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    4 year old with chickenpox. Under the weather on good Friday, erupting on Saturday.

    Once she recovers, I’m sure the 2 year old will erupt too. Fun times.


    Tandem out yesterday with OH but today was finishing Charlie Murder (good and bad endings) on xbox 360.


    DIY here too.

    The Mrs bought a load of fitted warderobe bits off eBay which had been taken out a new build house when the developers put the wrong color ones in the wrong rooms.

    Putting them up was like making a huge jigsaw where you have never seen the finished picture and aren’t totally sure whether you’ve got all the bits. While it’s lovely and sunny out and all your mates are riding every second of each of the four days, if Strava and Instagram are to be believed.


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