Easter house swap: Spain v London/Brighton/Oxford

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  • Easter house swap: Spain v London/Brighton/Oxford
  • poolman

    A long shot but just giving it a go.

    I have a detached villa (sleeps 6) in Spain, private heated pool, wifi, UK TV, good walking/riding straight from the front door. It’s all set up for holiday rentals but I just do summer rentals in it (it goes for over 1k pw then). Nearest airports Alicante/Valencia.

    Looking for somewhere to stay in UK (for c a week, anything between 15-28 april. Dates don’t have to coincide & am flexible on area as have a car. Just 2 of us so flat ok.

    My flights 15-28 april to Manchester were 100e (Ryanair, I know, cheap & cheerful but they get you there). A good lunch here mid ride is 15e including a bottle of wine, beer is 2e a pint, English cinema 6e. Weather should be warm & sunny in the day, just about sea swimming if you are brave. BCM TdF team stay in local hotel for winter training so the area is good for road biking too.

    Please get back with any questions/ideas. I am used to house sitting in London (with cats) & can provide references.

    Thanks in advance.

    If we hadn’t already booked to go away that week I’d be tempted myself (we’re in Devon though).

    If you don’t have any joy here, register with Guardian House Exchange, then search for suitable properties and make the offer. You’ll have no problems finding a swap IME. We’ve swapped our place a couple of times with no hassle.



    Thanks for the link, I will have a look now.

    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    Dam, and Ditto SprocketJocke, we’re aleady away the weeke before.

    We’re in Epsom, so if your are looking for someone to swap at another time – email is in my profile.


    ~i’m sure there are loads of people n Easterhouse who woudl swap for a house in Spain, London, Brighton or Oxford! 😀


    Cheers Mike, what a shame Epsom would have been great as I need to be in Kingston 1 day & I could have gone on the bus. I used to work in Epsom so know it well, keep in touch via email or here.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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