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  • Easiest website builder?
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    I need to make a simple website for a club. Just an overview page, then details of each location and an area for members to download forms etc.

    I tried squarespace, but found the frame approach really restrictive – I’m just not savvy enough to get my head round it.

    Any recommendations for someone totally inept?

    If you’re using a website builder then it’s going to be restrictive by definition. The usual suspects are wix and wordpress although a friend of mine made quite a nice looking site with smugmug.

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    Perhaps I’m looking for something that’s not there! Drag and drop – like I’m using PowerPoint or something – would be good! I’ll look at wix….


    Drag and drop WYSIWYG – 1&1


    I made a few sites with Serif WebPlus when I first started. For a basic site I’d definitely recommend it as it’s really intuitive and there’s a great support forum.

    I progressed to using WordPress due to WebPlus not handling responsive if I remember correctly. But I definitely miss the simple drag ‘n drop approach. WordPress is great but I definitely think it’s a steep learning curve for a beginner. So many options, stuff to consider etc.

    I’ve been experimenting with Adobe Muse a little recently. Looks promising.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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