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  • Earphones for running? <£100
  • breadcrumb
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    I know it’s been asked before but I’ll ask again anyways…

    Which earphones for running? Need to work nicely with a Fenix 6 and be comfy/secure.

    My current earphones are comfortable but fall out once a bit of sweat gets involved.


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    MeeAudio do a bunch of cheap earphones, plus some not quite so cheap, like the Pinnacle P1’s, which have the big advantage of using MMCX fittings, meaning you can have them wired, using a 3.5mm Jack, or buy aftermarket cables with either a Lightning plug or a USB-C, or MeeAudio’s own Bluetooth cable that connects both earpieces with a cable going around the back of your neck with the battery on one side, and the remote on the other, to balance them.

    They also come with a wide range of eartips including my favourites the triple-flange ones, which once you become accustomed to fitting them give pretty good passive noise reduction, great sound, and they do not fall out!

    I’ve got two pairs of Pinnacles, one pair has a cable with a Lightning connector, the other pair the BT fitting; to be honest, I prefer the wired connection, you get proper Lossless playback, (if you download tracks), whereas BT just cannot handle the bandwidth necessary.

    But at least there’s a bunch of options available with one basic earphone design. I’ve been using them for a few years, and they’ve always been reliable and they sound superb.

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    Shokz, you can hear what’s going on and still hear your music etc.

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    My Wife recently bought some Anker Soundcore earbud things. They were £50 from Amazon.

    She has really small ears and has always struggled to get earphones that stay in, but was fed up of wearing some bulky Sony full sized headphones. She also said the Sony’s made her feel too isolated.

    She’s been mega happy with the Anker ones so far. No problem with them falling out, battery life is good and the have an ambient mode that passes external noises through which she uses when running so she can hear her surroundings.

    I’m quite tempted to get some myself.

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    I bought some little covers that slip over AirPod pros and hook them inside your ears. I can run or cycle in them without fear of them dropping out. They also have transparency mode which allows you to hear what’s around you. I think the little covers were £9 for 3 sets.

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    Picked up some (After)Shokz Open Air for about £100 in a deal.

    Love them. Secure, decent sound quality (even my music student eldest thought they were much better than he expected), just a bit pricey.

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    Aftershokz Aeropex. Got some off Amazon for just under £100. Very good. Only bugger is they don’t play nicely with my windproof ear coverers and now it’s getting colder… 😳

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    AirPods are great but don’t play well with Garmin watches.
    I’ve got Creative Outlier Airs which are fine and work well.
    Mrs Lunge has Jabra Elite Active which are generally better but not sure if they’ll come in under £100.
    I only tend to wear 1 so I can hear what’s going on.

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    I use the Sony ones stay in my ears really well and have a massive battery life. I’m no audiophile but they sound fine to me. They block all sound out but that suits me as I’m ever got on with shokz or open Jabra headphones plus they are only £30 probably due not been on trend being connected by a wire.

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    I got some JayBird Vista 2 off Amazon for £119. I’d definitely recommend. I use for running and off-road cycling. They have noise-cancelling and a passive feature that use the microphone to amplify nearby sounds.

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    I prefer bone conduction to in-ear, I find the latter tend to irritate my ear canal with regular use.

    Hence aftershokx, I’m not up on the newest models though.

    (headband over the top for windy winter days when noise can be a problem)

    Don’t particularly want noise-cancelling when road running, I’d rather put up with the occasional interruption.

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    I’ll check out the suggestions.

    I have those headphones, and the Extra Bass version and once I build up sweat they don’t stay put. Shame as they are comfortable and the battery lasts ages.

    The Bose Sound Sport (linked with cable) and JBL Reflect Flow Pro have caught my interest, anyone have any experience of those?

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