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  • ojom

    Hey Gary
    We use Instant Shelters/Surf n Turf.

    A guy called Chris there is the man to speak to.


    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Does it need to be a quick erection <sniggers />?

    We’ve got one of the newer deluxe (ie sturdier) Coleman event shelters. It’s a multi man job to put up but with the sides and ground sheet on it’s a great space. You can chose what combo of doors, sides, ground sheets etc you want.

    Got ours from here

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Need one for team pit area, ideally with sides, robust in high winds (like last years mayhem) but good value


    Premier Icon nemesis

    We have a Coleman event shelter for which you can buy side panels (we have three IIRC). We got it for about £100 (sale at GoOutdoors) and it’s been great.


    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Just bought one from surf and turf too

    Their super light range sits neatly between full on trade/event quality and ‘broken-third-time-you-use-it’ domestic/garden ones.

    I went with them simply because I needed a rectangular one, rather than square and not very many people do that. But well put together, light, easy to use. Unlike cheaper ones spares and repairs are available from them too so the whole thing isn’t junked if you lose or break one bit.


    GalaTent also worth looking at – seems the same as Surf n turf but a bit cheaper on the face of it. I was looking into it for #1 daughter’s school rowing squad when they’re away at events.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Quechua worth a look?

    One of these, though I don’t think there are side panels


    +1 for the Coleman event tent.

    Very happy with mine


    These: http://rockawnings.co.uk/customawningprinting.html?gclid=COD7nq3rq74CFdMftAodHCsAPQ

    are a decent price, solid and won’t blow away as they’ll take compression straps to the frame fixed in the ground with corkscrew pegs or 25 litre water containers, we’re onto our second one as the first was so good but a touch tobig for me to put up on my own.

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    I got the equivalent of the eco from lp tent (custom cannopies) it’s survived 9 mayhems and many other windy events. That might have something to do with tying it down with ratchet straps and marquee pins though 😀

    Premier Icon beej

    We’ve had a Gala Tent one for a few years now – probably used 40 times or so. It’s a little worse for wear but you can get spares pretty easily.

    Considering we were going through about 3 cheap pop-up gazebos at £30 a pop per year, it’s worked out much better value.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Those big Colemans are ace.

    I’ve got a cheap ebay eazy-up copy. It weighs a ton and doesn’t feel as strong as the real thing, but it’s waterproof, does go up and down easily, and cost a fraction as much. In bad conditions, it’s as much about how you secure the things down, proper guylines, massive pegs, and not putting the sides on in high winds.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    cheers guys, top advice


    Northwind any links? I’m after one for festival season as a bit of communal seat area as there’s loads of us this year.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Suspect it’s the same as this one:


    Though, I didn’t pay that much for mine, hmm. I like it at £50 but I’d like it less at that price

    Oh, and I wouldn’t buy a 3×3 again, bigger than I expected!

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    +1 for the Coleman event shelter.
    We bought 2 for Mayhem last year and were just about OK in the wind. Anything less sturdy would have been broken I reckon.

    As for being good value, they aren’t cheap but if you get a cheap one and it can’t handle the wind then it’s bad value

    I’m going to be selling one of them soon if you’re interested and replacing it with the deluxe version.

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