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    Hey guys,

    Apologies for the noob question but I am fairly new to e-bikes.

    My second hand ebike needs a new rotor and the shop is saying I need a Steps rotor with built in magnet for it to work properly. At the moment there is a centreline rotor on the bike with a magnet stuck on it (done by previous owner), is it possible I can just replace the rotor with another normal one and stick this magnet on it or is this a bodge job?

    The steps rotors are on back order and not cheap either!

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    FYI for centrelock

    If one of these appears to put the magnet in the right place it will probably work (I’ve bodged shimano and levo) and a cheap magnet off eBay also has worked.

    ** when you fit a non std magnet,put bike on stand, VERY SLOWLY, rotate wheel And check clearance etc etc, before testing it runs the motor. I’ve had to bend things to get them to clear, esp when using different hubs.

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