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  • E-bike for 15 miles each way commute 300m climbing
  • 5plusn8

    Riding to work in Z2 will be more beneficial to to both fitness and self estime than knocking your pan in once or twice a week….and allow a routine to be built up.

    This is my thinking, I am normally screwed after one return trip even if I do it over a sleep. The ebike can increase the number of trips I can make.


    I really like commuting on an ebike. I got one of these and would recommend it:

    Love having the panniers for carrying stuff and not bothering with a rucksack.

    The speed limit is a non-issue for me. On the slightest downhill, I sometimes put more effort in to get past 15.5mph and get some exercise. Having said that, often it’s safer to stick to around 15mph, with risk of car doors opening, people stepping out into the road etc. Going up steep hills, I can get about 10mph+, enough to fly past most normal bikes.

    I’d also get two good locks, not an issue carrying them on an ebike really.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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