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  • SSB_UK

    I’ve just bought an Alfine one from Roseversand – really fancied a Schmidt, but couldn’t stretch to it.


    Had a Nexus one on another bike and thought it was brilliant.


    Just great. Use mine every day, no more batteries to worry about no more lights to get nicked. Costs quite a bit more if you want a standlight to stay on when you have stopped. I just have a basic one.

    Shimano type.



    Have a Nexus one on my commuter (no disc and not uber-powerful). It’s excellent. Always works and never have to think about batteries. It’s not super bright but it’s nicely visible to oncoming traffic and lights up enough in front to keep up a decent speed. I’d love a Schmidt now, but there’s absolutely no justification for me (that I’ve found, so far).

    Downside is weight, but the rest of my bike makes it look light by comparison.

    Got a Shimano one on the Brompton. Been great so far, not problems and hardly any resistance when in use

    I have a Dh 3n80 hub. At the time I bought it, it was the most efficient hub shimano did, and significantly more efficient and light than the nexus one at that time (two years ago). It’s worth checking out which is the current most efficient shimano dynamo.

    It is great – I’ve run it enough to need to replace the rim and never had a problem. I’d not have a commuter bike without one – incredibly useful just always having light. I have b+m lights with light sensors, so they just turn on when it gets dark. No need to charge batteries, or take lights on and off the bike, and I never have a problem in summer when I unexpectedly stay out late.



    I’ve spent today building up my Alfine dyno into a wheel. Obviously no idea yet how well it works, but I’m very excited. To hijack along the same theme, anyone got opinions about a good LED to hook up to it? I was thinking the Supernova, but any other ideas?

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Got an LX hub powering Busch & Muller lights. Brilliant. Ample power for dark commutes, and good to always be able to switch on whenever light gets iffy (in heavy rain etc)

    It (and the lights) are for sale at the mo. Attached to my Singular Peregrine.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Considering one for a commuter build. Probably an lx one with centrelock adapter to use disc brakes.
    I see SJS has them. Whaddya think?


    Got a 3N80 hub running a Schmidt Edelux on my tourer/commuter with a B&M rear light. Very impressive piece of kit but rather expensive when you add it all up. The pool of light it puts down on the road is equal to my Exposure MaxxD in terms of brightness tho obviously it is a lot more focussed as it dosnt waste light firing it into the sky/trees. Standlight function is very handy too, means i dont have to faff about with any extra battery lights other than the obligatory backup rear flasher. Its fine for dirt doubletrack but the focused pool of light and flicker at low speed (<6mph) means it would be a bit useless in singletrack.

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    My Shimano dynohub has been running flawlessly for 8yrs now.
    (it outlasted a frame)
    Couple with some LED lamps and put some effort into cabling them = minimal maintenance. Mine gets plugged in in September and stays on ’til March.

    Are you a fast rider? If so consider the SON as you can switch-in extra lamps as your speed picks up.


    I’ve got a SON which has been trouble free for 4 years of commuting with the last 2 years being off road. It and the light stay on the bike all year round as there’s always the chance I’ll be working late. I really should get a lighter wheel for weekend riding though. I’d also like a light good enough to ride off road with but the Supernova is a lot of cash and I’m not aware of any alternatives.


    I’ve had one. It was ok; reliable and good enough for a commute. It was superior to the older battery lights available.
    It had disadvantages
    – basic models go dark when you stop.
    – put an expensive heavy wheel on a commuter bike
    – lamp prone to vandalism
    – marginally slower for riding distances

    Modern LEDs are so cheap and efficient that I won’t be bothering to buy another dynamo hub. I find my LEDs better value, more flexible for switching between bikes, chucking in a bag and not worrying about.


    I recently got a used Schmidt SON hub for long distance rode riding and rode an overnight 200km with it at the weekend. Mcuh less stress not having to worry about battery life. Didnt notice any additional drag and certainly couldn’t feel any effect when I turned the lights on. I’d suggest pairing it with LED lights rather than halogens though if you can, as I’m used to battery powered ay-ups for off road/shorter rides and they much brighter.

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