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  • Couple of questions. How long approximately is a ‘lap’ of D2D and what’s the course like in terms of terrain, technical-ness etc?
    Bear in mind the only ‘race’ I’ve done was HTN3 and I pushed/carried the bike for lots of that 😉



    10 miles, very flat but the ups do start to hurt, kind of like sitting on the turbo for hours on end as you get very little rest, not technical but the challenge at Thetford is to ride is fast without crashing…


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    Been wet for a few years so this year it WILL be dry.

    Richmars IT WILL BE DRY don’t talk it up please please dont talk it up then it wont happen 😆

    tis always good at dusk til dawn nice loop every year (changes a bit each year) good atmosphere its not to technical but by 5am its bloody hard to navigate 😉 as gee said it’ll leave you aching after with something called thetford back

    Reckon I’ll give it a go, always liked the look of it. Might be a couple of others I know who’ll fancy it.

    Cheers for the info folks

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    It can’t be wet again…..PLEASE….

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    45 minutes to 1 hour per lap, depending on how fit you’re feeling and how muddy the conditions are. It’s a lovely lap, even great fun in the wet – but at 5am it was like the Somme last year, and I’m not riding there in the wet again, I really can’t afford it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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