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  • Gravity Droppers are v reliable and very easy to service. There is usually some play in the bushes which allows a small amount of rotational and longitudinal and lateral wiggle but although it’s noticeable when you’re off the bike it completely vanishes (for me) when riding and I’m pretty pernickety about things like that.

    I’m in the process of picking a 5″ dropper post for my new bike, weighing up Reverb, Thomson, KS, etc and I’m struggling to convince myself to go for anything other than another Gravity Dropper (Turbo LP in this case). They just work! And when they stop working so well after ages and ages in foul weather they’re so simple and easily maintainable.

    Do you mean non-remote? If so, get a remote! Without it you’re missing about half the benefit.

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    My Gravity Dropper’s ancient- I bought it used and already well worn, done I think 3 winters on it now, it’s had one set of new bushings and a few cleans and that’s it. I’m lighter than you mind. The multi-drop ones are weaker because of the extra hole, relatively snappy.

    My KS i900 has been very nearly as good, needs a little more looking after to keep it sweet but that just means squishing in some slick honey every few rides.

    And yeah, remote. The purpose of non-remote droppers is to let you see how good droppers would be, if you had a remote.

    Wondering whether to get a dropper for my Evil Sov- my current SDG I beam post is pretty knackered from raising/lowering with the QR and the seat is worn out as well.

    Im just over 90 kgs and ride fairly hard. I dont mind maintaining stuff but I cant stand ‘looseness’ or rattles/creaks from anything.

    Gravity Dropper non lever model is on my shortlist, but other than that Im a bit unknowledgeable about them.

    Any advice or info is greatly appreciated!


    GD have next to nothing to break tbh and as they say get remote

    Non remote is pointless try grabbing your crotch when riding 😉

    I haven’t had one in my hands but the 31.6mm 5″ GDs look a lot sturdier than the 27.2mm 4″ one I have:


    I’ve got a 30.9 5″ Turbo Multi on my Sov. I weigh about the same as you and have had it almost 2yrs, I think, and it’s had one quick clean in that time. Probably didn’t need it as it’s never done anything but just work since I bought it. The trick with multis is to turn them backwards seemingly (I’ve always had mine like this just because the cable routing is better). That said, I think the older, snappy 27.2s used a hollow tube, mine is solid, with just shallow holes for the pin to engage. There’s a tiny bit of movement at full extension (it’s meant to be there, really) when off the bike, but it’s not noticable in the saddle.

    Don’t piss about with non-remote options. If you’re going to do something, do it properly and get a remote.


    Iv got the new command dropper and its great its survived 2 decent crashes with minimal damage and what damage there is isn’t stopping it functioning.


    Well I’m 92kg in my birthday suit and have a reverb on the bike I bought in March and it has been absolutely flawless and I’ve been hammering the bike since I’ve had it. These thing do wear so I’m sure one day I’ll need to service it.

    KS i950 had been faultless for me.

    And I’ve managed fine without the remote – apart from just a couple of occasions when I’ve been caught out – so have one on the way!


    Looks like Fox DOSS and Crank Bro’s are not very durable from my experience. I can speak highly for my reverb! Lasting very well!

    Make sure you get one with a remote, if you get caught by surprise and need to drop the saddle the last thing you want to do is take your hand off the bar!

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