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  • bigbloke

    My rear drivetrain is making a bit of noise, getting worse each ride . I’m guessing its the cable needs tensioning up a bit as bike is only few months old.

    I am crap at gears so dont want to adjust too much. If i twiddle the cable adjuster at the shifter what way do i turn it to tension, do i pull the adjuster out a bit as it seems spring loaded or just turn with out pulling it out.

    Yes i am really this dumb with gears.


    If you want to tighten your cable, (to pull the mech closer to the wheel) you wind the adjuster OUT at the shifter, as you wind the thread out on the adjuster, it makes the outer cable longer. This effectively makes the inner cable shorter, pulling the mech.

    For an example, shift the mech to the middle of the cassette. Gently but firmly pull the outer cable away from the shifter, as the cable outer moves away from the shifter, the mech will move towards the wheel.

    Turn the adjuster just a half turn at a time, after each adjustment, shift through the entire range of the cassette. (make sure the chain is on the middle chainring at the front) No point getting it perfect for the low gears, and then finding you can’t get the high gears.

    Sometimes the adjusters have little notches to stop them turning by themselves, so just pull them out whilst turning. But as long as it turns, it doesn’t matter if you pull them at the same time, or not.


    Cheers Spooky 🙂

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    Have a search on YouTube or the park tools website for videos of how to do it.


    Thanks for the info guys.

    As it turned out it was not the gear cables but the chain had been routed wrongly at assembly from new. See thread i started about that.

    I have tuned gears up via shifters , however one gear on the cassette in all 3 rings skips straight off into the next gear up or down depending which way your changing.

    Drive train is SLX 3×10 the gear in question is second smallest on the cassette. Any ideas why?


    chain had been routed wrongly at assembly from new


    What bike have you got?

    One thing you should bear in mind when adjusting gears, IMO is the high / low screws…

    Anyway, hope it’s all better mate.


    Rob…Whyte 19. Easy error on the routing as it “looks” like it should go one way which is the wrong way .

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