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  • purser_mark

    Sorry new the whole tubeless thing. Managed to set up my wheels over the weekend. Maxis Ardents on DT Swiss rims with some Stans sealant. Only when the tyres were fully inflated did I realise I had two different size tyres ie one 2.4 intended for the front and a 2.25 for the rear. Sod’s law I put them on the wrong wheel. School boy error I know (hangs head in shame)

    So can I just pull them off and swap over, only been on the rims since yesterday, or will I have to remove the sealant and restart the process or just top up?


    Swap them over and add more sealant, I guess. I swap my tyres over a fair bit and do just that.


    Some of the sealant is to seal porous holes in the tyre, and some forms a seal at the bead/rim interface. Most remains in the tyre for puncture protection.

    The tyres are sealed now, so maybe another half a scoop for bead sealing and some spillage. Do it carefully, with the wheel vertical, and it will all collect at the bottom of the tyre.


    as above 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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