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  • cynic-al

    Half price at B&Q just now, any good? I am sceptical and tbh fairly content with rollers etc…

    I expect it will work OK, I just wonder if it’s OK at cleaning itself and if it looks like it will work in a few years?

    They are OK-in my opinion not the dream ticket that they are made out to be. They do cut down mess etc though. I didnt think it was much faster than regular rollers apart from the fact that you can get away with not putting any sheets down!

    Cleaning is OK as-well but I had to run the cleaning sequence a few times on mine to make sure it was totally clean.

    If you are around Newcastle Upon Tyne you can buy mine for half the B&Q price???

    Rubbish Al. Better off with brush and some decent paint

    Do you not have to buy the dulux paint in the right containers for it at great expense?

    If you have a lot to do you can hire pro spay kits or pump fed rollers


    thanks all – con as I thought.



    According to the girl on the returns desk at my local Band Q its the most returned item in the store, and theyre usually classed as broke so you get a refund, never use it and say your not happy or you want get a refund, say its broken.
    Also expensive paint.


    pah MTFU and paint your walls with Farrow & Ball oil eggshell paint, thats REAL painting!


    Done that already.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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