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  • dull seat clamp question
  • Premier Icon wonny j
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    If my seatpost is a 27.2mm and its a on steel kona frame, what size will the seatclamp be?

    29.8 or 31.8mm

    thank you

    Premier Icon bigyinn
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    I'd guess 29.8, but if you can measure it with a pair of calipers to be on the safe side.

    Premier Icon wonny j
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    I can measure it with an ikea paper tape measure. Should be accurate enough. It's just that I'm at work now and the bike is at home.

    Premier Icon breatheeasy
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    Would it not be 28.6mm?

    Premier Icon tron
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    I'd expect it to be a 29.8mm on a Steel frame.

    27.2 post Alloy frames tend to be 31.8mm.

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    inbreds run a 27.2 post and a 29.8 clamp

    but I seem to remember having a steel Kona which ran a 28.6 clamp so it might not be so clear cut. Konas used to run 27.0 posts though…

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