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  • Dull kitchen design question
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    So, whoever built my kitchen extension made it about a foot too narrow to fit standard worktops both sides.

    It's (just) possible to fit washer/sink/fridge/hob all down one side, with a narrow worktop along the other side for kettle / toaster / cupboards etc.

    However this puts hob in front of window, fridge next to oven and requires 40cm-deep base units for the "narrow" side. Do they exist? I know about using wall cabinets but I'd need some with drawers.

    Alternatively, can you get a 40cm-deep-but-otherwise-standard-sized fridge? (Not one of those tiny hotel room ones…)


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    Yes you can get shallow cupboards – Ikea do them.

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    I don't know about 'shallow' fridges but could you get a built-in oven and have a taller unit to hold that, with the washing machine or something below it?
    Although then you'd still need an area of work surface for the hob.
    Hmmm, maybe, maybe not?

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    My kitchen was designed for hobbits as well. Just measured it and I'm in a similar position; 'long' worktop is 530mm deep, 'short' one is 450mm. So, yes, different unit depths definitely exist, but I've no idea where you'd get them from.

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    My sister had a kitchen like this, and put units on one side and shelves on the other. About 25-30cm deep, but floor to ceiling. Tons of storage, and plenty of room too for food, jars etc, pans hanging up under a rack up high- leaving the few cupboards for some dishes and larger items.

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    A decent fitter (or suitably equipped home bodger) can whip the back off non-drawer units pretty easily so they'll fit whatever depth you've got. If you've got an exposed end (of cupboards!) you'll need a finishing panel to blank that off neatly.

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    when I finally get round to redoing our kitchen we'll be using standard units on 2 sides with the 3rd using wall hung shallow units.

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    TJ – thanks, I'll take a look.

    TN – unfortunately the window runs most of the length of the "wide" side so it has to be a low level oven under the hob (shame as I like high level ones). All the plumbing/services go to that side, don't really want to relocate…

    TP – "home bodger" yep that'll be me 😉

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    I used some ikea 37cm deep units – basically the wall ones, you drill them for the feet.

    I've not seen 40cm deep fridges.

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    i don't think a shallow fridge will exist. there's already 10-15cm of depth gone in a fridge, so if you had one only 40cm deep to start with you'd have no room for pies.

    my oven is next to my (big fo) fridge, with the vent on the opposite side. built it myself, had a fitter in to do the worktop and he reconed i'll have no problems. I've moved the fridge whilst the oven is on and that side of the oven cabinet is ambient temperature – the seals are super efficient these days

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    That does make sense, it was more in hope than expectation!

    It's frustrating, the rest of the house really was built for hobbits (sometime in the 1500s) but the kitchen was built in the eighties.

    There's an alcove (used to be an outside toilet!) where the previous occupants put a fridge/freezer, but I need that for bike storage…

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    Could you have some kind of central island unit instead?

    Perhaps think of hanging pots and pans instead of putting them in cupboards?

    Maybe sliding doors as opposed to swing doors?

    All just suggestions.

    Premier Icon elliptic
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    Don't think a central island will work – need the second run of worktop and also to be able to wheel bikes through!

    The "narrow" side also has a hatch (used to be the back window) which I can put worktop right through, somewhere to sit with coffee and newspaper.

    Do need to be creative with storage though, I like the idea of floor-to-ceiling shelves/racks, there's a short length of end wall which might take that.

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