Dub Step…. sram crap

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  • Dub Step…. sram crap
  • Premier Icon duncancallum


    Can anyone point me to bearings to replace the shit sram use.

    In its defence it’s better than GXP….

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Wheels manufacturing

    No surprise that sram yet again can’t put proper seals on😂

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Hope 30mm BB with a Dub adaptor (I think they call it a 29mm (even though it’s really 28.something)


    Have you managed to get the cranks off? Mine needs replacing & I can’t get the bolt undone for love nor money.

    Have you managed to get the cranks off? Mine needs replacing & I can’t get the bolt undone for love nor money.

    I had this issue on a brand new carbon frame. Even my LBS failed with a pneumatic gun. Eventually needed to stick an old pedal on the NDS, stick that in a vice, pivot it so the back tyre was wedged against the workshop wall, and got my lad to hold onto the frame for dear life while I heaved on a long bar stuck over the allen key.

    When it eventually let go, it sounded like a gunshot*. It was at this point I decided to go back to Shimano as soon as possible. 🙂

    *slight exaggeration.

    Just this week I’ve had to hammer my longest 8mm Allen to get a dub crank set bolt undone. When it went, is sound like it had been over tightened, even though I installed it with a torque wrench. Saturated it with spray grease when I reinstalled, but it still sounded like I was over tightening it even though, again, I was using a torque wrench.



    “When a compound is applied to a threaded fastener that will be tightened to a specific torque setting, the torque setting will require adjustment to allow for the lubricating effect of the compound. Failure to do so can result in incorrect tension in the fastener.”


    Premier Icon bluearsedfly

    Had this on my dub XX1 crank when replacing a shagged dub bb. Ended up with the nds crank wrapped in rubber sheet rested in soft vice jaws opened slightly too wide. It was a nervous few minutes.

    It was only tightened up to 30nm as I’d read of the problem previously.

    Premier Icon bluearsedfly

    FWIW the top hat adapter pops out of the dub bb bearings which takes it from 30mm down to 29mm or whatever it is.

    I’d imagine these would fit any 30mm id bearing if someone was stuck?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    That sounds bloody awful. What it the torque supposed to be on the crank bolt?

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    had the same on sram dub x1 carbon cranks, initial install, so fresh with no grit and a bit of grease, torqued up (as my previous sram dub descendant carbon cranks) and forgot to do something so had to immediately take them off, and stuck, was absolutely impossible to budge, hammer came out, dad holding bike and just about got it budged, made a awful sound when releasing!

    so super lubed it back up next time, and its been easy to get off since like the descendant dubs were…no idea what causes it tbh

    as for the BB ive actually had real good miles and horrid winter conditions for the price, still smooths nicely, the stupid little blue seals are a awful design though as they literally fall out of place on removal and installation!

    better than the piece of shit hope one it replaced anyways!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    There should just be a law that all cranks must be 24mm spindle and all BBs the threaded BSA type.

    I’d just swap to a Shimano or RF chainset if I were you Duncan, and use a Shimano BB (though RF ones are OK now too IME).

    Premier Icon joebristol

    So far so good on a dub bb (screw in bsa) that’s been on the bike a year or so I think it is. Though I do have a couple of bikes and I got 18 months or more out of a gxp one before that so maybe I’m light on bb’s….

    weirdly after this thread, and me saying like others the cranks were a pain to remove first few times on DUB

    last night my d/s unscrewed itself off the spindle, no idea how, it was only kept on by my chain guard not allowing it to move any further over

    I know I tightened it up last time so its somehow worked itself loose…..

    actually had a feel of the bearings too whilst it was out, DUB bsa threaded new in September this year, endured a long wet/plenty of washes winter and the bearings still spin smoothly, not great, but no rough, more actually a bit too freely so may try bang some grease in

    but for 25 quid for 5 months constant wet use I don’t think is that bad personally

    Premier Icon Yak

    I reckon dub is a bit worse that HT2, but not that much worse. My wife probably gets 2-3months out of them in the winter and a bit more in the summer. Yeah it’s a pain getting sram cranks off. I use an old handle bar over the hex wrench for leverage with the other pedal jammed.
    One slight advantage of dub is that you get early warning of failure when the preload collar needs a tweak every ride. Then you know to get one ordered in asap.

    Anyway, bring back UN72s…

    Premier Icon nickc

    I get about a year from one. So not bad for £25.00. I’ve had the NDS unscrew itself as well (on a trip to the Pyrenees last year) I’ll swap for Shimano 24mm when it wears out this year

    Premier Icon ductions

    I had the same issue getting my SRAM 1×11 chainset (previous generation) off my bike. Could not undo the drive side with an 8mm hex, so I had to precariously position the bike frame so that I could use my body weight to undo it. Like others have said it sounded a bit like a gunshot when it finally budged. So I don’t think this is exclusive to DUB.

    I’m after a new chainset for my SolarisMax which I already spec’d with a 30mm Hope BB. Was thinking of getting a SRAM SX Dub chainset for about £50 and the Hope DUB conversion kit.

    Or spend even more money on the GX groupset (and still buy the Hope adapter).

    Or either of those options, but switch to a DUB BB (and buy the BB tool), sell the Hope BB.

    Unless there are better Boost 30mm chainsets that anyone could recommend under £100?

    Premier Icon oldnpastit



    Does that take a BB30? Their web page for the current gen says BSA/68mm threaded. So you could just get a Shimano 24mm chainset, SLX or XT?

    Premier Icon crazybaboon

    My threaded dub bottom bracket lasted 8 rides, only one of which was particularly wet.

    Non drive side completely seized.

    Premier Icon ductions

    Nope, not BB30, it’s threaded as you say. Not sure where your confusion came from! It has a threaded Hope 30mm (inner diameter) BB installed.

    I could look at Shimano chainsets, I’ll have a right mix of SRAM/Shimano though! Running XT brakes.


    i managed to snap an 8mm hex socket removing my Dub crank bolt….and i had torqued it properly just the month before when i fitted the press shit BB that i was now replacing.

    replaced with a Wheels Manufacturing BB which will hopefully last longer.

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