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  • Dual Layer Bib-Shorts
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    I’ve got a pair of dual layer bib-shorts by Scott. Lightweight, slim fitting outer, and a great line underneath. All nicely fitted together as a bib short.

    Works great for me, and much nicer than Bibs and a separate outer shorts.

    Scott don’t seem to make them anymore, does anyone else have something like this in their line-up? My internettery has drawn a blank.

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    I have some Aussie Grit Ignite 2in1 shorts.. but they are similarly no longer made.

    Gore used to do several 2in1 products (C7 Pro, Alp X Pro).. you might find some old stock if you search around.

    The only ones I’m aware of that are currently available are the Cube Blackline.. bit pricey though!

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    I have some Bontrager ones that sound similar.
    However I bought them direct from Trek HQ demo sale a few years ago so have no idea if they ever made full production or indeed are still sold.

    Not massively useful, sorry

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    The cube ones look good, but possibly a wee bit baggier than I want. My Scott ones are not baggy at all, which is what I like.

    Send odd that nobody seems these, world be logical to me.

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    I have a couple of pairs of the Gore ones – they are one of the most comfortable shorts I have and great in warm weather. Googling suggests they’re no longer available.
    Specialized also did a pair.

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