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  • neninja

    I’m looking for a new fork with 120 to 140mm travel and have decided to look beyond the obvious Fox, Rockshox options.

    I have seen some DT Swiss forks that look tidy but have no experience of them.

    Whats the difference between XMM, XMC etc?


    Thread on here not long ago abut them

    XMM magnesium
    XMC carbon



    Take a while to bed in (prob due to v long service interval). Once bed in, feel very good. Very stiff. No issues here in 18 months use. Not yet changed the oil in the lowers – will do that in the spring and check seals etc.

    Running XMM 120s (the twinshot) on a flux. They dont collect mud in the arch and tend to not get as much aropund the seals as other forks do.

    Shop around and you will get excellent VFM


    Thanks guys

    I’ll have a read of that thread.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Another XMM120 Twinshot owner here, tapered QR15 on an ASR5c, and another thread:

    Fork thread

    +1 to CaptainSlow’s comments – take a while to bed in but when they do they’re great; the smooth arch in particular is a bonus – mud just drops straighht off. And the service interval is much easier to live with than that of a Fox…

    I have some XMM140’s and think they’re ace + would highly recommend them. I’ve had RS Revs and Fox Float/Talas in the past and prefer the DT’s.

    Premier Icon Leroy

    Was looking at something else earlier and found a new 120mm pair cheap.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I have heard of a set going back 3 times. Once because the inserts the 15mm bolt through bolts into rotated freely so the wheel could not be removed and twice more because the stanchions or steerer were moving in the crown.

    Aside for that they are great.


    If you like to service your own forks, then go for the EXM forks. If you go for singleshot or twinshot, the dampers on both of these forks can not be serviced yourself – all you can do is remove the lowers to clean/re-lube them. Also the EXM forks are plusher/more linear in action that the single+twinshit forks.

    The lok-down feature on the Twinshot forks shouldn’t really be thought of as a travel reduction, but more as height reduction (like Marzocchi ECC).

    Also be dubious of the 200hours service interval – I’m told that in reality it’s closer to 50-100hours.

    However, they are well made, very stiff and great forks, once past any teething issues and bedding-in.


    Thanks – cheers Leroy – they look a bargain. Need to check on the axle to crown length for them.

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