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  • dh


    lend me your ears,and more importantly your brains…

    I have a DT swiss xr 4.1 rear with a mountain king on it, I want to try this tubeless lark, ideally with as little hassle as possible.

    So i think I have three choices

    Joes No tubes
    Stans kit
    DT swiss conversion kit

    The DT swiss seems to need a UST tyre for it, which i dont have but I don’t mind getting a cheapie, whereas with stan and joe I’m hoping I can use my current mountain king, or perhaps and old ignitor that i have kicking around.

    Any one got any tips or pointers? Stans seems popular on the forums but I’m not sure if Im missing something obvious.



    Premier Icon Simon

    I’ve sucessfully used the DT Swiss kit on some EX500 rims and Mavic 719 rims with Maxxis non-UST tyre and Specialized 2Bliss Eskars. HTH

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    I’m using standard Stans strips and fluid on DT Swiss “AM1800” rims (basically M 1800s I think) because I couldn’t track down the right DT Swiss conversion kit anywhere in the UK. I’m using Maxxis tyres, which aren’t real UST but are tubeless ready, and it works fine. I’ve done a few hundred miles on them without any problems so far and I’ve had a few hits which would probably have resulted in popped inner tubes in that time. I’ve used the Stans kit on a few other rims and it’s worked every time. So you might not need the DT Swiss kit specifically.

    You do need to be patient, though, don’t expect to just whack it together in ten minutes and be out riding first time round, it’s a bit of an artform…

    Premier Icon boxelder

    I’ve run non UST Maxxis tyres with the DT (Eclipse) kit no bother – I’m using Stans strips and stans ‘stripless’ rims too – can’t see why the DT are any different for tyre choice. Good advice


    Thanks for the pointers and help guys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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