DT Swiss M1700 Front wheel bearing change help ?

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  • DT Swiss M1700 Front wheel bearing change help ?
  • excitable1

    I have a set of the DT Swiss M1700 wheels (on the DT Swiss hubs) and the front bearings are more than ready for a change.

    I can’t find any information on the size of the bearings, nor can I find any instructional videos or advice on changing the bearings. Also, I’ve tried removing the end caps with some mole grips and they’re going nowhere, it looks to me like the outer plate is independent from the axle section of the cap !

    Do you have to take the end cap off the lock ring side first or is there another method for getting the end caps off and then do I have to punch off the bearings in the same way you remove Hope bearings or does the axle come out and theses a different method.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    I did my e1900 boost wheels not long ago. Its a standard construction of push on end caps.

    I think the end caps were just really tight, pull them off.

    The bearings them selves were incredibly difficult to get out.

    move the inner axle over with a drift (it doesn’t move much) and smack them out.

    They were really really tight, much tighter than any other hub I’ve ever done.

    The same with new bearings going back in, really tight to get in.

    what a PITA, in fact I trashed the free hub side seal retainer of the rear hub with my puller. The bearings are very tight and the alloy here is very soft and bends easy.

    Next time novatec or hope for me, never had such a struggle.


    After some more looking I just found this manual. Looks like you have to drive the axle out to remove the bearings which needs a couple of special tools and unsurprisingly they are like rocking horse poo to get hold of. Looking like a shop job as the cost of the tools and the bearings will be more expensive than a trip to my LBS !


    Ah looking at that its a full axle.

    However you could just use a drift the diameter of the axle to knock the bearings out one way, then the other will bash out with a drift larger than the axle.

    When putting back together, a couple of sockets slightly smaller than the bearing that fits over the axle and pushes on the outer and a decent vice to press them in.

    Premier Icon hatter

    Easiest way to remove the end caps is with a soft jaw vice or a Unior hub Genie.

    What year wheels are they, what spacing and size axle are they for and do they have a Centre Lock or 6-bolt brake mount?

    Let me know that and I can work out what bearings you need.


    Cheers Hatter.

    They’ll be 2018 M1700 Spline 35 with a 350 hub the same as these. They are boost 148 on a 15mm axle. They are centre lock brake disc mount which I run with a converter.

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