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  • DT Swiss EXC 150 bolt through. Any good?
  • I have set of Marz AM SL's – which I love, but they weigh a ton. Would I miss them if I got some DTs?



    I had a set of Bolt through Pace Fighters that replaced the QR Marz Am SL I had before. I never really got on with the SL's, they had a nasty top out I couldn't tune out. The Fighters where stiff, light and delivered the full travel without a murmur.

    With DT taking the basic design and making them with a bit more precision, they'll be great.

    Just very expensive.

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    DT forks are bloody lovely, but VERY expensive.

    Newer ones are due out shortly with magnesium lowers instead of carbon and are said to be 30% cheaper.

    Do you use travel adjust on your forks? If so, I'd suggest something other than the DTs. Travel reduction can only be done via a lock down which means no suspension at all while climbing. Talas are almost as plush, very very nearly as light and you can reduce travel while still haveing some travel if you want it. They're not as pretty though.

    And yes, I've owned both and still have the Talas.

    Ta for responses – I can get a set from the US for £428 – there will be tax and import duty, but the overall cost will be nothing like the staggering price in the UK.

    I have some 2009 XMC 130mm 15mm for sale done less than 400 easy miles £400 posted.

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    Pace have some for sale at £639. I just sold my 2009 bolt throughs for £490 – they were 2 rides old 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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