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  • DT Swiss EX 5.1D or E530 rim
  • toronte

    Just a quicky:
    Need to replace a bent rim. I’ve been offered both rims as replacement. Which one do I take?

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    EX 5.1D is the same as the EX500 now, depends on what price you can get them at i’d guess. Ex500 is a more expensive rim. A lot of people complained the 5.1 rims were soft and got ruined quickly however i have been running a set for a 4-5 years with no problems.

    Premier Icon Blurboy

    Mavic every time


    Yeah I’ve read the reviews. Quite much variation. As a warranty issue it would be free of charge.
    Trail/AM/enduro usage, some bike park rides later on maybe.

    My fear was that the EX5.1D is no longer available on the manufacturers website so I thought it would be ‘out of date’. Maybe the E530 being a more evolved construction. I’m just guessing, that’s why I ask if anyone has a recommendation.

    I’ve only been offered DT models. They will replace a stock Specialized branded Roval Traverse on an Enduro Comp. I was told stock rims are DT 350’s which are light XC rims. Not up for what I’m planning to do with the bike.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Premier Icon Simon

    Yes, the EX5.1D was replaced by the EX500 probably around four years ago.
    I’ve been using some hope hoops with EX500 rims for four years with no drama, never needed truing and no dings or flat spots.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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