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  • DT Swiss 240 hubs – explain the whole engagement thing to me!
  • I’m looking to get a new wheelset, I was originally thinking of Pro 2s, CK or similar. However, lots of people seem to think the DT240s are better…

    They do seem lighter, but I can’t seem to find out anywhere how well they engage? I think I’ve read that they have 18 points of engagement, but that the system is different and so it equates to more, if compared with the Hope system for example…

    I’m a bit confused though – how do they work/feel.

    Can anyone enlighten me?


    Premier Icon mboy

    The DT engagement system is hard to explain without actually having one in your hand to show you (and a Hope to compare and contrast), but it is IMO a better solution to the freehub design. It is theoretically much stronger and less prone to failure.

    It is “only” 18 points of engagement indeed, but there’s a lot of hype placed on engagement points when in reality, you’re never likely to benefit from more than the 18 points of engagement of the DT hubs unless you’re a trials rider!

    If you’re anywhere near Worcestershire, pop round and I’ll pull my DT and Hope hubs apart and show you, but I suspect you’re not so you’ll probably just have to take my word for it 😉

    Premier Icon aracer

    They work fine. Couldn’t really say how good the engagement is, but IMHO that’s pretty much irrelevant unless you’re riding trials. If you’re not that bothered about weight then I’d probably go for the Hopes though (I’m assuming they’re cheaper – not really that up on these things).

    I also feel the need to point out that much as I like my DT hub (only have a rear 🙄 ), they’re not actually as maintenance free and less prone to failure as some make out – I wore out the star ratchets on mine. What irritates me most though is the line about tool free maintenance, when if you want to replace bearings you actually need the expensive special toolset. Not saying they’re bad – very nice hubs, just possibly a bit overhyped (though not quite as overhyped as CK IMHO).

    Premier Icon billyboy

    The DT hubs I had let in water. In the winter that water freezes and you get total non engagement which REALY peeeeeeee d me off them AND and despite overly regular (in my opinion) maintainence the rear hub fell apart after two years. My Hopes hubs (on three bikes) behave vastly better.

    Slight emmendation….. the last Hope Pro2 rear hub I built up into a wheel best part of failed on me after nine months when three of the leaf springs (out of four) behind the pawls broke. Not sure why ‘cos t’other hubs are sound.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Basically instead of pawls you get 2 serrated cogs, almost like clutch plates, they are ramped to allow freewheeling, but then engage when you pedal. These are they:

    I think they’re excellent, there’s no real excuse for letting them seize, you can take them apart and clean them up really easily, but IME they require less maintenance than many other hubs, particularly CK!

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