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  • DT revolution spokes – ok for "normal" riding?
  • clubber

    They're fine. The only time they're really an issue in comparison is if they get sticks/rocks/etc hitting them directly or if the chain jams between them and the cassette which can cause worse damage simply because they're very thin.

    FWIW, I wouldn't really bother for those reasons and the fairly minimal weight saving (100g saved for two 32 spoke wheels) though the cost (approx 25p extra per spoke over DT comp eg £16) isn't too silly


    What clubber says

    Also Revs are supposed to be more difficult to build with because, being thinner, they twist more.

    Had them on my trail bike for 3 years now. No problems what so ever. Great spokes


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    i found them quite flexy in a wheelset i had dt240 on olympics . but at 13 stone i may have been pushing my luck anyway 😉

    Premier Icon stever

    9 year old set here that have been fairly battered, including a couple of (jey) DH days.


    Slightly depends on the rest of the build – I found my girlfriends 6 bolt DT240/Rev/Olympic wheels terrifyingly flexy when I tried them and I'm 10stone (they were SO fast though), but apparently the DT hubs have a very narrow flange spacing, so don't provide much triangulation.

    DT Supercomps are a decent halfway house.


    I had not heard of the Super Comps before – thanks for the tip. Might go for those instead.


    P.S. any of you guys using alloy nipples too? Have never used them myself but thinking about it now.


    To add to JonEdwards' post, I had to argue quite hard with the bikeshop when I took one of the wheels in for a rebuild – they really didn't like the idea of building a disc-specific hub back up with revs for trail riding.
    But the wheel is still fine over a year later – mostly North Downs riding, but occasional Peak District rides as well.


    Not sure which ones I've got but they had small alloy nipples and they kept snapping (the nipples)…I got them replaced with brass nipples and they are so much better. Spokes themselves have been fine…I think they are DT Revolution spokes.


    I have always used DT competition double butted spokes and have never ever had a problem with them at all. So I'm wondering whether I could in fact be using the lighter DT Revolution spokes instead.
    I ride fairly typical XC stuff mainly, although I do like to ride rocky red routes at trail centers and get my wheels off the ground occasionally…
    Anyone using them for similar purposes? Got any horror stories about them?

    I'm actually planning to build a new rear wheel with a Shimano Alfine hub and I'm wondering if I could use the Revolutions for this wheel to save a little weight.
    My thinking is that as the wheel will be almost dish-less and have shorter spokes than a normal hub it should be just as strong as my regular wheels even with lighter/weaker spokes.
    Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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    Dont go for alloy spokes, you'll get to the end of the year and try to true them, and they'll just spin and you'll end up cutting all your spokes and rebuilding from scratch with brass nipples.

    Go brass. They last. 🙂


    Would aviod alloy nipples.


    Alloy nipples are fine if you build wheels yourself. generous coat of copper grease on the spoke thread whilst building them will ensure they'll turn fine for at least a year.

    I've had DTrevs and alloy nips OK after 2 years use, 3 or 4 times a week out in the mud, hosed down and stuck on the shed.

    That said, the last lot I didn't put on enough grease and the nipples corroded away.

    You just have to be aware that you may not be able to true your wheel properly if you've had the wheels for a while and prang them.

    Normally I end up changing my spokes every 2-3 years anyway. I let 2 break under normal use then replace the lot.


    I let 2 break under normal use

    Spokes shouldn't break under normal use…

    I've used alloy nipples on wheels for other people and never had any problem truing them after a year or two. The only real issue I've had is that you usually can't do spokes up really tight (when truing up a wheel that's been pranged and needs rescuing) with alloy nips.

    I use brass myself – not worth the cash for alloy IMO.


    P.S. any of you guys using alloy nipples too? Have never used them myself but thinking about it now.

    Don't use them – just use proper brass ones


    64x Sapim Polyax Alu Nipples weigh 24g
    64x DT Prolock Brass Nipples weigh 98g

    so depends how important 74g is to you over the weight of a wheelset

    i spent £100+ on 64 Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, and thought it pointless using the Sapim ones, just incase i needed to true my wheels, id rather carry 74g on the wheels, than cut out £££££ spokes


    Have used revs on the last couple fo builds and most recently on a pair of Hope Pro 2 717s, built two cross (purely out of vanity). The first ride they "settled" as usual and have since been fine. Have ridden enthusiastically at Cwmcarn as well as general trail hacking round my local forest. they have held up and are still true. I'd go for it, even if the weight saving is minimal (which it is) you have the satisfaction of sexy spokes. infact why not go the whole hog and get Aeroblades, frighteningly expensive, but bling as hell!

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