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  • DT 5.1D Rims
  • anyone else have serious issues with tyre fitment ?
    i’m on a rant tonight 😈


    Not unless they’re continentals that you’re trying to get on

    Premier Icon mboy

    Tightest. Rim. EVER!

    Seriously though, they’re a royal pain in the arse to fit tyres onto. Even worse (impossible with some tyres) when using the DT/Eclipse tubeless rimstrip. Now I can usually get tyres on and off UST rims without tyre levers, but I couldn’t get a Bontrager TR tyre on a 5.1 with the tubeless rimstrip at all. It just would not go on!


    Yep Ive got them too – Im using High Rollers & its a **** nightmare..Ive actually broken levers fixing punctures!

    interesting – they are ridiculously tight, even using all the tricks in the book πŸ™


    they are tight, I’m the same as Repack broken numerous tyre levers fitting tyres. Decided to put some soft compound intense on the other day, took an hour and I aren’t sure if the tyres are a little overkill for the time being. One things for sure they aren’t coming off as that would result in another hour of my life lost!

    i lost 40 mins on the trail today due to a 2.4″ Nobby Nic’s reluctance πŸ™


    Yeah that was one of the main reasons that I sold my set, just too much faff.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Yeah that was one of the main reasons that I sold my set, just too much faff.


    Changed over to Mavic EN521’s, same width, welded, only 40g heavier but a lot tougher (being as Mavics are made out of proper ally not cheese), and easier to get tyres on and off. Have managed to successfully go ghetto on these rims too, so no proper tubeless strip needed even, saving yet more money (EN521’s are about half the price of a DT5.1 anyway).

    Premier Icon akira

    Running 2.3″ Spesh tyres on mine and they go on fine, never had an issue with getting them on and off.



    Minion, and high roller combo here, and they are snug but no real problems getting them on-off. Never broken so much as a nail, let alone a lever.

    I do have gorilla grip tho’


    Highroller, minion, crossmark all very easy to put on mine.


    Its an odd one for sure – off a total bitch, on no probs..Maybe its just me & limp wristed grip πŸ˜•

    UST with a rim strip was unbelievably tight on the 5.1 – unworkably so. Had to bin the UST because there’s no way I was wrestling with that on the trail in the event of a puncture. Stuck an old conti gravity on it with a tube for the time being, not so bad but still tight, you’d need levers to mount it.

    Got high rollers on as well and don’t need a lever….maybe it’s a manly thing πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Blurboy

    I am running the 4.2’s with Panaracer Cinders 2.1’s. These are also very tight…you learn very quickly not to get a punture in the middle of winter! Run Mavis 717’s with same tyres on tother bike and rarely use tyre leavers. So the Swiss are tight and the French a tad loose??

    Premier Icon dot

    Big Earls 2.5 and 2.3’s are fine on 5.1s btw


    FWIW DT E540 rims are very easy to get tyres on and off. I have used WTB, Conti Mountain Kings, Kenda Nevegals and Maxxis with no real isssues.

    My particular rims weigh 520g so barely any heavier than 5.1D’s and are pretty damn strong.

    maxxis advantage on em here no problems

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    Have to say that 2.5 dual plys are a bit of a bugger on them. 2.35 minions no so bad – but that’s only compared to the 2.5s.

    There’s a fair few bendy bits in mine from lump fisted dh tyre lever action πŸ™‚

    my rims that is.

    er. my bicycle wheel rims.



    I get downhill minnions on and off mine without too much trouble..

    oh well..


    5.1’s with almost all Kenda folding beads, nothing more than fingers, on and off.

    Kenda Karma on 5.1 or 4.2, you can literally shake them off.

    Conversely, 6.1 with Kenda wire bead… simply ridiculous! 3 pairs of hands, MX levers and usually at least one pinched tube per tyre swap!

    Premier Icon auricgoldfinger

    Yes, had issues with swampthing and highrollers on them. That was until I bought a pedros tyre lever. That thing is absolute magic, and despite what you might think about it I’ve never damaged a rim with it. Just the job for getting stubborn tyres on these rims (or any others).


    Maxxis ignitors 2.35 here. No probs getting on. Not tried off yet though!!

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Had them with Verticals, no issues. E540s was a different story, couldn’t use a fat tube. Nevegals go on the 540s easily.
    Never tried to go tubeless on any.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Used lots of different tyres with mine, all go on fine with just hands.

    It’s down to technique and not being limp wristed.

    Bill oddie – sorry it ain’t. I have never had issue getting tyres on and off until I got 5.1s with tubeless rim strips. I been changing tyres for 40 yrs and these are an utter swine. contis seem to be the worst. some tyres are OK but some are almost impossible.

    The same tyre – actual tyre not just type – that goes on a mavic 721 without any hassle – indeed tends to fall off until its inflated is really difficult to get on the 5.1s. Combination of shallow well that is full of tubeless rimstrip and big diameter. I guess there is some tolerance in the rims a well.

    Only rims I own where I habitually need to use a lever to seat the bead.

    Very light and wide, but full of dings. I won’t be sorry when they die.


    Fortunately, I only swap my tyres when they are worn out – the DT 5.1d/Conti Vertical combo that I have on my h/t is a nightmare to get on/off…..

    swello – not the problem – punctures are the culprit.
    i love the 2.4″ Nobby Nics – Roll well, consistent grip, nice round profile (my preference), but a b1tch from h3ll to remove from 5.1D’s πŸ™

    Got loads of tyres on and off DT5.1’s no problem by hand.

    Tried to get UST Nobby Nics on them with DT’s own tubeless kit, managed to get one bead over but couldn’t get the other side on.

    Nor could I get the initially installed bead off – ended up cutting off the tyre after 3 hours with 3 tyre levers.

    Want to go tubeless and was thinking of Ignitor LUST – anyone know if these will be easier than the Nics, don’t want to have to cut another tyre up.

    If this don’t work then 2 DT Swiss tubeless kits will be going cheap on the classifieds.


    Absolute nightmare. Cut a perfectly good 2.2 Comp 24 off mine in the end.

    Tyre levers with a steel core (Soma) helped get them on in the first place. Snapped about 4 Park levers before that though…

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    I’ve had Conti Gravities, Diesels and Verticals plus Maxxis HighRollers (2.5 UST’s) on mine (all tubeless with DT rimstrips).

    I’m not going to claim it’s been problem-free, because I’ve also ended up spending half and hour cursing at the side of a trail, but I’ve also noticed that the same tyre will go on/off next time with no problems at all. Can only assume they need some more precise technique than normal.

    Genuinely, I’ve been snapping tyre levers as above one minute, got another flat half an hour later and been able to get the tyre on/off by hand. Can only think I’m missing something, wish I knew what it was! Now if it’s really tight I stop, jiggle it a bit more, then try again. Usually don’t have any problems.


    I posed this very same question a couple of months ago.
    Followed advice and am having great success with Panaracer Fire XC Pro, 2.1K tyres.
    But I cannot for the life of me get a set of WTB Motoraptors on, either 2.1 or 2.24’s without a very great deal of faffing about.

    Not a recommended rim by any means.

    I had problems originally with Spesh Captain 2bliss, and another 30 min struggle and a snapped tyre lever!
    The older ( not 2bliss ) Spesh Storm’s were much slacker and easier.
    At the end of summer/early autumn had to repeatedly take tyres on/off because of a rim problem and remembered my old tyre technique of putting all your weight onto the tyre pushing round from top to bottom. That helped a lot.
    I went through a period of punctures from the inner spoke hole edges being razor sharp, puncturing the inside of the inner tube, even through rim tape. In the end the lbs filed any silly-sharp bits off then ran insulating tape around the spoke bed then put rim tape over the lot. That’s sorted.
    my tuppence

    Definately looks like I’m not going UST on these rims – bugger.

    aye – i’m going back to Mavic 819’s from now i reckon. shame mavic don’t make a 821 πŸ™


    Ride em for a short while while on other rims, they soon slacken off. Don’t worry about it, it’s just the newness wearing off. Makes for a good tight seal.

    Premier Icon convert

    So is there an alternative rim of choice? I’m about to buy and build up a new bike in the next week or so. I wanted to go tubless this time and intially thought Mavic 819s but as I was planning on using 2.35 tyres, that’s apparently right on the limit for them. The 5.1s seemed to be a possible tubless. Ideally a tubless specific rim would be good but can’t think of one.


    i m running a conti mountain king 2.4 on back and its a nightmare to get on or off, running a Panaracer Fire Protection on front and that slips on and off a dream

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