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  • Spud

    Don't get me started! I've used these rims on two sets of wheels for a while now but two sets of bloody Maxxis (Aspens and now Larsen) have been soooooo f%*&(^&^%$ tight! The Larsen is a true bugger to get on/ off. I too am thinking of something else more puncture repair friendly.

    You're not alone.

    Any rim with a shallow channel in the middle can make fitting a tyre a bit trickier but having to resort to a tyre lever shouldn't be necessary.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Can I be the first one to say "Man Up Princess!"

    I have these rims and I can get all my tyres on and off them (Maxxis, WTBs, Halos, Panaracer) with just my thumbs.

    Maybe my thumbs are manlier than yours though.

    I have dt 5.1s and some tyres are impossible without levers and I do know how to fit tyres. Maybe there is a bit of tolerance in the diameter?


    BillOddie – Thanks for the reply…..

    Princess I may be, but I've never had a problem with any other rims/tyres…..but, I've been waiting for you (or someone just like you) to come along and say just that. I don't profess to have the strongest fingers and thumbs in the world, but this is exactly what I've seen in other threads……some complain, others dont? Is it possible that some rims are worse than others? i.e. a quality/tolerance issue?

    I can cope with changing the tyres at home, even though its still a pain….. but having a puncture mid ride on a cold winters day could easily result in me walking home, which can't be right?

    P.S. I live local to Afan/Cwmcarn, so if any of you strong thumbed fellows are visiting,, I'll bring the bike down for you to have a go/demonstrate how much of a Princess I am….

    Thanks again….


    i had a nightmare(15 mins) the other day getting a 2.35 nn off a 5.1 trailside, did it in the end. funny as the last set of nics were fine. all i could think was 'im going **** tubeless'. esp as it was sunny and was thinking the same, cold day…..no thanks.


    Just wanted to have a rant and share experiences…..

    I bought a set of factory Hope Pro3 hubs with 5.1d rims back in March and fitted my 2.25" Nobby Nicks that I had on my Mavic XC 717 rims and found them to be a complete pain to fit/remove….I've never had a problem fitting/removing tyres before even 12" tyres on kids bikes but these are unbelievably difficult even with a Pedros DH lever.

    I had a look around on the net and there are conflicting reports of tyre difficulties, some say so others not?. I decided to get some new tyres based upon feedback on line and bought a set of 2.35 folding Nevegas and Blue Groove which I fitted tonight…..and these were extremely difficult to get on the rims, I had to resort to the tyre lever when I always get away with fingers and thumbs? I dread trying to repair a puncture in the depth f winter in the middle of nowhere…..I can sense a long walk home…….

    I"ve replaced the cloth rim tape with a thinner one to make the channel deeper, but I reckon its the external diameter thats at fault? So the question is how can a set of rims from an established manufacturer make a set of rims with such a design fault? And by the looks of it continue to do so, these comments have been thrown at 4.2 5.1 rims for quite a while!

    I'm really happy with the wheels otherwise, but I dont fancy the idea of a scuffed knuckles and a walk home on a winters ride……am I alone? or is it a batch thing that I could raise with Hope/DT?

    Thanks in advance


    Its not possible to get my vert pro's on or off without levers!!

    I've never struggled with other wheels/tyres……ever.

    And i'll challenge anyone to a thumb war! 8)

    Princess indeed! 😛

    Premier Icon gamo

    As above used them for a couple of years now and never had any probs
    fitting or removing maxxis or schwalbe tyres.



    my 4 yr old sister has a set of 5.1 on her tricycle. she got a puncture in the front wheel coming up short doing a 360 over the sand pit at pre-school.

    she fixed it with no tyre levers in just under a min using nothin but creyons, her friend lucy's dummy and a carton of milk.

    So I explained your predicament to her and the problems with firtting tyres to 5.1 rims. she said

    "what a spacker"

    rudiboy FPMSL.

    I too have found 5.1s a bit more difficult to fit tyres to (minion DH). Racing Ralphs all but fall off Mavic 717's by comparison.

    i had problems too – revised my fitting technique to ensure the opposite side remains in the channel , but still a bl00dy nightmare to fit.

    i'm going back to 819's and tubeless however as the 5.1D's are just too soft for my local terrain 🙁

    Several pairs of 5.1s (all factory wheels from Hope). Tyres: all sorts but include Bonty big earl, Kenda nevegals, small 8s and blue grooves, Michellin X'trem. Combo of wire and kevlar beads.

    Can't ever recall any problems, all done with thumbs. But I've heard the same thing before and seen it on this forum where others have struggled.

    Unless you're going to find out the manufaturing tolerances, accurately measure the rims (and the tyres) then you'll never really know what the likely cause is. It might be your strength / technique.

    Don't know, not really fussed. If it's a major issue to you get rid and replace. Only simple way to sort the problem IMO. Railing on here about "design faults" will probably amount to nowt.


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