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  • DT 240s Oversize front hub question
  • Premier Icon H1ghland3r

    Hoping someone in the singletrack collective has something on this.
    I’ve just replaced the bearings in my hub, all went without problems, nice set of hybrid ceramic bearings (just because) that spin very sweetly until I put the 15mm endcaps with rubber seals back on and then I struggle to get the wheel to spin in the jig more than a dozen times before it abruptly stops.
    I’ve triple checked the seals and they are properly seated in the little channel in the end caps..
    Have I done something wrong or am I just being a bit obsessive about a little drag and should toughen up and get over it.??

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It shouldn’t stop abruptly tbh… Many front hubs don’t have any actual sealing in the endcaps, so the cap is basically a shield only and then the bearings are the only seals. The Oversizes have an extra set of seals so it does add a little drag. I’m not sure if that’s what’s happening here though if it’s stopping abruptly…

    But the difference between a wheel that spins 50 times in the stand or 5 times is lost in the rounding when riding, it’s just such massively different forces.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Is the “jig” same as or is the fork? In terms of clamping the axle.

    I often find front wheel end caps will rub and drag if spun out of the fork, but once assembled and lever done up tight it spins perfect (assuming break calliper aligned okay).


    240 OS.. Has threaded end caps right?
    Regular 240 would be push fit caps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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