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  • DS: anyone run spuds on proper roadie shoes?
  • I run currently spuds and mtb shoes on my roadie, as I didn’t get on with SPD-SLs when I tried them. But I fancy some lighter roadie shoes for the summer, and most of the top-end ones all run 3-hole fittings for the roadie cleats, not spud fittings. Shimano do spud cleats which fit roadie shoes, like these, but they’re two-hole, not 3

    Anyone tried fitting the spud cleats to a 3-hole roadie sole?
    Or should I just bite the bullet and try the SPDSLs again?

    i’d try some propper roadie pedals again, ive got my roadie shoes set up with mtb cleats for spin classes at the moment and it just feels wierd. But then again i not used to shimano pedals so maybe that has some thing to do with it.

    My road bikes got look pedals, not through any choice, they came with it, they feel kinda like time atac’s with more gradual tension towards releasing (but with plenty of free float before that). The extra area makes them much more cofortable after a hours riding.


    You can get adapters to fit 2 hole SPD cleats onto 3 hole shoes.
    I think it’s the Shimano SH85.
    Bolt that to your shoe, then bolt your SPD cleat onto it.
    eg this: http://www.dotbike.com/ProductsP6524.aspx


    I rum Time’s on my Sidi road shoes OK – they’re the same fitting as SPD


    I use spuds cleats on my shimano road pedals with no probs


    I wear the same shoes on my xc and road bikes, and use the same pedals, which are those ridiculous tiny little single sided Ritchey World Cup Micro Pro jobbies. My shoes are the Spesh Sworks MTB shoes, these have exactly the same sole as their road shoes, they just have a co-moulded rubber outer for grip. The last and the carbon sole are the same.

    To be honest i prefer having the tread to walk around on during shop breaks and coffee stops on the road rides, my Shimano 120 road shoes were ace, but skiddy as shit on the pavement.


    I used to have problems with SPD-SLs, I’ve now changed to Time Atacs, Much better float and you can still walk with the cleats on


    EDIT: meant Time RXS!

    ta for that Craig. I saw those SH85 plates yesterday at Ribble actually, but I was a bit concerned they’d add too much height to the bottom of the shoe/cleat, oso I didn’t get some.

    I’m tempted to just drill a 3-hole roadie shoe and fit the cleats in the pics above. That way I can run spud pedals and ride with either my mtb shoes (commuting, winter stuff etc.) or some nice roadie shoes for summer rides and spotives.

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