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  • HTTP404

    Aye Alpkit … the Airloks? are very lightweight so would make a great bag liner.


    Off to Vietnam for 2 weeks in June. Bit of light backpacking with some frineds. Want to get a dry bag to stick inside the main compartment of my Camelbak HAWG NV

    Any suggestions?


    Alpkit stuff is usually decent

    I personally use Exped dry bags – they're reasonable priced and have always stayed totally dry inside – including 7 hours of constant rain on a motorcycle journey where my waterproofs leaked, my gloves leaked, my luggage leaked but fortunately my Expeds didn't so all my clothes stayed bone dry.


    I don't trust the exped bags personally and use them for segregation of kit within an ortlieb. You simply cannot beat ortlieb. The best by a long, long way, but not cheap. It really depends on how wet you are planning to get and how important it is that your kit stays dry. I've done many river crossings with ortliebs.


    +1 for ortlieb. Have had mine years, totally bomber. Only downside is slightly heavier but not massively so. I have exped too but only for segregation or low risk 'dampness'


    I used an ortleib bag for 2 weeks in the rainforest in Borneo. Appalling conditions, totally dry kit.


    Alpkit are probably ok but no experience of their dry bags. I do have a Rucksack, stuff sack and various other items.

    Exped have been fine for me. I used to kepp my first aid kit in one in my kayak. Always bone dry. I've strapped one to the deck of a seakayak on many occaions and it's always been dry, even after total immersion during rolling and rough conditions. Just make sure you close them properly.

    Orteib do several weight, their heavier ones would be too bulky but are fantastic (again I've found them fine with total immersion). Never tried the light weight ones.

    If you want it now, Exped from a shop. If you can wait, alpkit.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I am Ortileb fan as well, but recently a convert to the superbly cheap and 99% as good Lomo Bags. Between our staff we seem to have dozens of drybags, and every single one of us are out daily with Lomo bags.

    Premier Icon Nick

    I've got a 13ltr Alpkit Airloc and a 20ltr Alpkit Airloc xt, to be honest the xt is overkill and seems very robust, the 13ltr normal one has been used to keep my stuff dry in my camelbak all winter, still looks like new, keeps stuff dry, why pay more?

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